Ink Flight Starter Box with Col-O-Ring, Brush, and Dip Pen

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Get your wings with this beginners dip pen, ink, and Col-O-Ring indexing set. Punch your ticket to becoming an experienced ink connoisseur with all the tools to record your inky journey.

First, start off with a flight of 7 fountain pen ink samples stored in secure, twist-top plastic vials. These 2ml ink samples are randomly chosen from our reserve of previous Ink Flight colors, which are carefully curated to ensure multiple color families and brands are represented. 

Index and sample your inks like the pro's using the included Princeton Neptune no. 1 size round watercolor brush to swatch your inks. The Brause dip pen and set of nibs allow you to dip test and try your hand at some calligraphy using the ink samples provided.

For paper, you can start your swatch collection using the Col-O-Ring Ink Testing Book. The handy Col-O-Ring can be organized any way you wish. The thick paper can handle a heavy dose of ink, so don't be shy.

A comprehensive way to get your pen and ink game off the ground, this starter kit is affordably priced to provide an affordable way into the wide world of fountain pen inks.

This Ink Flight Starter Box includes:

  • 7 - 2ml ink samples selected at random from previous Ink Flights and will include multiple brands of inks from around the world.
  • A Princeton Neptune no. 1 round watercolor brush
  • A dip pen nib holder (assorted wood styles)
  • (3) Brause flexible metal dip nibs
  • A Col-O-Ring Ink Testing Notebook with 100 sheets of thick, 160gsm paper for using as swatch cards.