KWZ Iron Gall

KWZ Iron Gall "Gummiberry" Purple Ink Sample 2ml

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Konrad Zurawzki has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Warsaw University of Technology and has been manufacturing his own inks since 2012. The interest started out innocent enough. As a fountain pen enthusiast, he wanted to increase the saturation in one of his inks. After doing some research into making his own home-made iron gall ink, he started a hobby that would lead to building a world renown brand of fountain pen inks.

This dark, eggplant purple color has a deep saturation and water resistance. This is an iron gall ink, so proper pen maintenance is key to make sure the ink is not sitting in the pen for an extended period of time (over 3 weeks). 

  • 2ml of fountain pen ink contained in a plastic vial with a secure twist-top cap.
  • Imported from Poland.

To see how to fill your fountain pen using an ink sample, please watch the instructional video below.