InkJournal TN Regular Size Orange Zest Notebook

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Nearly 90% bigger than our "Pocket Tomoe" notebooks, the InkJournal TN Regular is a cut above your typical Midori insert. Record your pen and ink combinations in your "regular" size Midori (or Fauxdori) using our InkJournal notebook with the included format card.

Japanese Tomoe River paper is widely considered amongst fountain pen enthusiasts to be one of the most unique and best papers for handling a wide array of fountain pen inks. It is light and delicate, almost like tracing paper in its thinness. Yet, surprisingly, it can withstand the wetness and saturation of most fountain pen inks, while amplifying the shading and sheen characteristics that we ink lovers enjoy so much from our writing.

We put this Japanese paper into hand-made journals that are designed for ink testing and recording your pen & ink combinations. Each InkJournal TN Regular Size notebook contains 60 pages of 52gsm white, plain Tomoe River paper.

To utilize the InkJournal format, we've included a card with each notebook that you can slip under the page to use as a template. Since the paper is ultra-thin, you will have no problem in following the format and applying it to your notebook. Switch between full-page ink & pen records on one side of the card and a list of all pens you have currently inked on the other side. Decorate and be creative with your ink-magination!

  • Dimensions : 8.20" (209mm) length x 4.25" (105mm) width x 0.09" (3mm) thick.
  • Sized to fit Midori (or Fauxdori) "Regular" Notebooks
  • Bright, cheery orange cardstock cover.
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Hand-Stitched Binding.
  • 60 pages of white, plain Tomoe River Paper (52gsm) - the preferred paper of many fountain pen enthusiasts.
  • Includes an InkJournal Card.