Mishmash Gilded Edge Notebooks - Pocket Size

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The makers of Mishmash want to inspire people to create wonderful things. The founder, Beatriz Barros, believes that "writing objects have the capacity of capturing ideas, becoming something they are not, becoming a mirror of each person’s personality and creativity."

Enter the Mishmash pocket notebook - made in Portugal with 96 pages spine-stitched with a sturdy card cover. The Holy Gold has gilded page edges while the Holy Silver has a silver metallic edge. The visual effect beckons you to write, draw, and dream.

The plain paper has a little tooth to the texture and holds up well to fountain pen inks used in a variety of nib sizes. The binding allows the book to lay flat. If you find that the pages are sticking together, try riffling the book like a flipbook.

Mishmash Gilded Edge Notebooks - Pocket A6 Size Specifications

  • Size: 110mm x 155mm
  • Spine Stitched - lays flat
  • 96 plain/blank pages
  • Made in Portugal