Fountain Pen Revolution Guru Demonstrator Fountain Pen with Steel, Flex Nib

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Looking to get your "nib wet" in the art of flex writing? The FPR Guru is one of the best values for trying a flex nib pen. The stainless steel flex nib is installed on this piston-filling fountain pen and works easily to get going on your way to writing with emphasis.

The Guru's clutchless design allows for easy disassembly and maintenance, and it is compatible with all FPR #5.5 nibs.  


  • Piston filled 
  • Clutchless design for easy disassembly 
  • Sturdy metal clip
  • Screw on cap 
  • #5.5 nib and 5.1mm ebonite feed 


  • Length capped: 13.4cm (5.3”)
  • Length posted: 15cm (5.9”)
  • Section diameter: 9.5mm (0.4”)
  • Body diameter 1.2cm (0.47”)
  • Weight (empty): 13g (0.5oz)