Ink Flight Samples Vol 1

Ink Flight Samples Vol 1

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Fountain pen connoisseurs thirst for variety and trying new inks they have yet to experience in their pens. If you're an avid writer and appreciator of colorful ink, come pull up a stool and allow us to serve you with a collection of curated, colorful inks.

We've selected 6 pen inks that have unique colors, properties and are just plain fun to write with. The identity of these inks will be kept a secret until after you open up your package. An informative guide sheet is included with facts on each color.

We will begin shipping orders on Friday, February 3rd to allow folks some time to place their orders so that the surprise isn't spoiled. (By the way, the inks pictured in the product photo are not indicative of the colors you will receive. We're keeping it a secret!)

Ink Flight Samples Vol 1 includes:

  • Six, 2mL Ink Samples (Same set as in the February Ink Flight Box)
  • Bottled in spill-proof, twist-cap plastic vials.
  • Informative guide sheet that talks about each ink.
  • No commitment to a subscription.