KWZ Ink Flight Sample Set

KWZ Ink Flight Sample Set

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Handmade in Poland by Konrad Zurawski, KWZ inks include a selection of unique fountain pen ink colors, including an array of iron gall inks. Being a pen enthusiast himself, Konrad created a brand based on the desire to write with inks that were not available anywhere else.

This set of (7) ink samples was initially introduced in April's Ink Flight Box. It includes two iron gall inks, which should be used with caution. For more information regarding iron gall safety, please read this article with information directly from Konrad regarding these inks.

KWZ Ink Flight Sample Set Includes (1) 2mL sample of the following colors:

  • Iron Gall Gummiberry
  • Iron Gall Turquoise
  • Honey
  • Brown Pink
  • Azure #3
  • Menthol Green
  • Old Gold