Ink Flight Starter Set #11 December 2017

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Get kickstarted into the world of collecting fountain pen inks with our Ink Flight Starter Set. A surprise selection of (7) ink choices is paired with (1) of our InkJournal Black notebooks for pen & ink collecting. 

Each sample contains 2mL of ink and is securely fastened in a screw-top plastic vial. The identities of these ink colors are revealed in the included pamphlet. 

We will begin shipping orders on Thursday, December 7th to allow folks some time to place their orders so that the surprise isn't spoiled.

This box includes:

  • Seven, 2mL Ink Samples
  • An InkJournal Black Notebook for pen and ink collecting
  • A random piece of InkJournal swag from our store.
**Please note the inks pictured in the second photo are not indicative of the colors you will receive. It will be a surprise!** Also, the inks that are in this box will be the same selection of colors available in the other Ink Flight options.