Story Supply Co SMR Pocket Notebooks 3-Pack + Ink Flight Sample Bundle

Story Supply Co SMR Pocket Notebooks 3-Pack + Ink Flight Sample Bundle

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For those that wish summer would never end, you can take a pocket full of hot sunshine with you. The second release in the series of seasonal special edition notebooks, the PA-based Story Supply Co introduces a notebook design that "hangs ten" and gets it done in the paper department.

For fountain pen enthusiasts, the paper is the same high-quality #70 Natural text stock, which is blank and staple-bound to a cover that celebrates the glory of summer with a sunny front-side and wave-crashing interior.

To help this edition make a big "splash," we're pairing this fountain pen friendly paper notebook with a set of random Ink Flight sample colors. With this bundle, you would not only get a pack of staple-bound notebooks, but you would also score a set of seven 2ml ink samples.

Consider it like an Ink Flight where you already know the writing goody that comes with your samples.

The theme is inspired by the 60s cult classic, The Endless Summer, a quirky and strangely-beautiful documentary about two surfers who travel the world to hit locations during their summer season in search of the perfect wave. On the way, they discover some fun characters and pristine surf spots, and they learn that "sometimes you're a day late, but sometimes you're six months late." 

Each notebook that is sold by Story Supply Co is matched with a donated “Story Supply Kit” sent to partner organizations that provide free tutoring, writing, and arts instruction to kids in under-served communities.

Book Specifications

  • Comes in Pocket Staple 3 packs (3.5 x 5.5)
  • 48 Blank Pages
  • Orange, orange, orange, and some yellow
  • The perfect wave inside
  • Bronze staples
  • 100# Solar Yellow over stock
  • Smooth 70# Natural text stock  (same fountain pen friendly paper as in other Story Supply Co editions)
  • A Rad surfboard sticker in every pack
  • Limited production of 650 3-packs.

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