Noodler's Park Red Ink Review

Nathan Tardiff, the Willy Wonka behind his writing fluid, Noodler's Ink, never holds back when it comes to his views on politics. Noodler's Park Red is no exception. Riding the coattails of the controversy surrounding the Seth Rogen & James Franco comedy, "The Interview," Park Red is inspired by another person who would probably enjoy watching the demise of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and his name is Park Sang Hak. Check out Nathan's video below to find more of the background information on Park and his efforts to rebel against the Communist regime.

Noodler's Park Red is a bright, saturated red colored ink. It has some shading quality and is water resistant (is not waterproof or bulletproof). In my opinion, the red seems like a... well, red! Other than the thematic bottle label, there really isn't anything remarkable about the ink. I drew the similarity between the ink and the movie "The Interview," as I had heard that the actual film wasn't very good. 


Don't get me wrong, I like the ink. Knowing how unique some of the Noodler's varieties can be, I had hoped for this one to have more going for it.

Pros : Vibrant, Saturated Red. Nice Flow. Water Resistant on paper. Free Speech against North Korea

Cons : A very simple Red. Dry time is a bit on the higher side.