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A Club for Fountain Pen Lovers

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An Exceptional Box Experience

Over the years I have subscribed to different subscription boxes, with mixed results. This is only my second ink flight, and it is definitely one of my favorite. Along with the obvious inks, the included "goodies" are so useful! Thank you for a wonderfully curated box! Looking forward to the next one!

Julie S.

A Box of Amazing...

I opened a box of amazing today. I don't know who specifically decides on the themes each month, but they get better and better.

Melissa H.

Keep writing fun and exciting

I joined the Ink Flight in November of 2019. I still remember how I was fascinated that inks could have names of sweets: Cherry Danish, Mango Mousse and Iced Cookie. Now here it is 2024, and your Ink Journal is better than ever!!! The one with the Van Dieman cat series was remarkable. I am a known hobby-switcher, having experimented with everything from Amateur Astronomy to Zentangle. Your Ink Flight box keeps seducing me over and over to stay with my Pens and Inks.

Carol E.

Are we psychic?

Ink Flight has landed, and it's like my mind was read!

Sonia C.

What witchcraft is this?

I'm simply astounded by how you can so consistently amaze me with your curated flights.  It's got to be magic!  Your brain has access to a portal to a fairyland of stationery delights wherein you chat with them as good friends over a beer and decide who goes back with you next month to play and delight the mortals (muggles).


About InkJournal

In 2012, Tom Oddo was going deep down the rabbit hole of fountain pen fandom. At the time, many people were using their own home-made templates to keep track of their pen and ink combinations. Using design knowledge and his own enthusiasm for pens, he self-published the InkJournal notebook for pen and ink collecting.

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