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Cure for the Blinking Cursor

We’ve all felt lost, indecisive, and alone with our thoughts. Sometimes, we’re unable to put into words what is troubling us.

These feelings can be temporary, like the gloom of a rainy day. For some, the darkness can spread over weeks, months, or years without knowing the light that resides within.

With a daily writing practice, we aim to bring our deepest thoughts to light, organizing our minds to better understand ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.

Whether you’re looking to finally tackle writing that novel, establish a daily journaling routine, improve your writing skills, or focus on your mental well-being, Inky Prompts daily e-mails are here to help you along the way.


Subscribing to these daily “Inky Prompts” will help:

  • Spark Creativity: Inky Prompts provide a starting point that ignites creativity. They offer a unique angle or idea that jumpstarts your imagination.
  • Overcome the paralysis of the blank page: Answering an “inky prompt” to start the day helps get the pen moving and the ink flowing. Having a prompt helps focus your mind on something small instead of being overwhelmed by the blank page.
  • Discover more about yourself: Inky Prompts encourage introspection and self-discovery. You are invited to express thoughts, feelings, and experiences on a deeper level.
  • Build Consistent Writing Habits: Inky Prompts can be the “breakfast” of your daily writing routine. If you want to write more frequently, use these prompts as the first step.
  • Develop Stronger Writing Skills: Practicing writing daily helps improve your craft in areas like descriptive writing, character development, and storytelling.
  • Improve your health: A routine of expressive writing is shown* to help improve both psychological and physiological well-being.
I love your newsletters and the daily writing prompts! I’ve struggled in the past with using my pens and finding reasons to write. The prompts each morning really provide that little mental “push” to get into my journal, even if I end up writing about something totally different!
- Jennilyn T.

Who are these prompts for?

  • You’ve always felt you had a story inside of you that needed to get out.
  • You have trouble finding motivation to write or getting started.
  • You want to belong to a writing community that also appreciates handwriting and creative expression.
  • You want to improve your communication skills at work. Writing helps our ability to be more effective at working collaboratively, delegating, and clarifying project objectives.
  • You need to focus on the things that matter (to you) the most. Deep, introspective writing helps map our internal landscape, clarify our deepest held values and guide us toward what will make our lives infinitely more satisfying and fulfilling.
  • You want an excuse to use your fountain pens more while exercising your brain and doing something good for your mental health.
  • You struggle with complex emotions and stress. Writing provides an outlet to express and organize your thoughts.
  • You want to reshape the narrative of your life to be more empowered.

We’re all “works in progress.” All it takes to improve is a small, intentional act each day that moves toward the person you want to be.
Inky Prompts brings people together

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have been enjoying these daily prompts. They are thought-provoking and some of our answers have been eye-opening as well. We both correspond to each other with our answers and we love it. Thank you for providing the daily prompts to get us writing daily again, it has been very much appreciated!
- Ginny K.

One of the best ways we can hold ourselves accountable for a habit (like writing daily) is to share our progress with a friend.

You can join fellow Inky Prompters by sharing your responses on social media, tagging @inkjournal, and using the hashtag #inkyprompts so we can all find each other.

About the pen behind the Inky Prompts

In each day’s e-mail, I share the fountain pen and ink used to handwrite the Inky Prompt. Here, I’ll share a little about the person holding the pen.

My name is Tom Oddo. I’ve had a passion for the arts since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Aside from graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts (minor in Art History), I always kept a journal and excelled at creative writing. If my pencils and paintbrushes weren’t moving, my pen was!

After graduating college, I found the alluring charm of fountain pens while employed as the catalog designer for the family-owned, online pen shop Goldspot Pens. For over 15 years, I helped grow the business, creating content for e-mail marketing and social media.

While I do enjoy buying fancy pens, I feel that writing with them unlocks their greatest value. Pens are meant to be used to be fully appreciated. So, I created the InkJournal website and these Inky Prompts to support a global community of writers who love expressing themselves in ink.

I hope that you’ll join us on the journey to becoming a better writer and a better person.

And, if you find that you don’t need the daily writing prompts anymore, you can feel free to unsubscribe anytime. You can rest assured - we won’t ever sell or rent your e-mail address and information.

I look forward to your daily prompts, they give me a focused reason to reflect and a reason to use my fountain pen! Thank you, thank you, thank you‼️
- Desiree M.

"You have come up with some excellent prompts and I am having fun coming up with what to write. I had no idea I could actually write something. This is my first time doing a writing prompt and I am happy I signed up for yours. The prompts are quite fun and challenging at times, and I have enjoyed them so far. "
- Lorraine L.

*Pennebaker, James W. “Opening Up by Writing it Down”