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Writing prompts can be a lot of fun and clear up the logjam of creativity some refer to as "writer's block." Most writing prompts have the same "vanilla" flavor - what is your favorite memory from childhood? If you were an animal, what animal would you be? and What would you do with a million dollars?, etc. You've done all of those before. Now, let's try an Inky Prompt.


Think of it as an interview question asked in realtime. Set the pen to paper and jot your response. Take as much time and pages as you need. Don't worry about punctuation, spelling or grammar. Just reach inside and let the answer flow out.

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This is what subscribers have to say of the Inky Prompts daily e-mail -

The assorted distractions that you are providing give me a lift and a distraction from the news, the reality, and the thoughts swirling in my head. You are making a difference to me, and to others, I'm sure.
- Ruth F.

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have been enjoying these daily prompts. They are thought provoking and some of our answers have been eye opening as well. We both correspond to each other with our answers and we love it. Thank you for providing the daily prompts to get us writing daily again, it has been very much appreciated!
- Ginny K.

Hi! I am loving your newsletters and the daily writing prompts! I’ve struggled in the past with using my pens and finding reasons to write. The prompts each morning really provide that little mental “push” to get into my journal, even if I end up writing about something totally different! 
- Jennilyn T.

Your inky emails are perfect! I do morning pages each day, and it gives me something though to focus on during my first cup of coffee.
- Rhi E.

I just wanted to send a short note to thank you for providing the daily inky prompts. I use them everyday. Keep up the great work!!!
- Liz

I need all the help I can get, so Inky Prompts are on my list every morning.
- Bob F.

Thank you Tom for your daily prompts. I am really enjoying them. They are the best that I have seen and used. I find that I can write about half a page of a5.
- Robert T.

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