Looking for the InkJournal at your favorite pen & ink retailer? We recommend the following retailers that stock the InkJournal notebook : 

Anderson Pens (Appleton, WI, USA)



Vanness Pens (Little Rock, AR, USA)


Papier Plume (New Orleans, LA, USA) 


Jot (Canada)

Jot Logo


Vancouver Pen Shop (Canada) - No website, brick & mortar only


Fontoplumo (Netherlands)


Demand the InkJournal at your favorite pen & ink retailer!

Send an e-mail, make a phone call or send an old-fashioned letter to your favorite online or brick-and-mortar pen retailer to ask them to stock the InkJournal. We would certainly appreciate the support!

Interested in Becoming a Retailer?

If you own a stationery store, office supply shop or a fine writing establishment, the InkJournal would be a great fit as a cross-sell item to compliment your selection of fine writing pens and inks. Please feel free to contact us via the submission form below to inquire about selling the InkJournal in your shop.