Free Resources and Printable Templates

We can all use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to organizing and recording the important things in life. The Ink Journal format card helps you keep record of all your fountain pen and ink combinations on a Tomoe River Journal. Expand the use of your Tomoe Journals and notebooks by downloading one of our printable templates below.

Pocket (Field Notes) Size Printable Templates

InkJournal Bullet Journal Pocket Size Template

InkJournal Pocket Bullet Journal Template

Sized to fit our Pocket Tomoe notebooks and other pocket memo notebooks that are sized 3.5" x 5.25". This card template, optimized for bullet journaling, has 2 sides - one for banner headers, page dividers and weather icons. The reverse side has a divided dot grid with icons to help keep tabs on your daily, weekly or monthly tracking habits. This is a very simple template that has the potential for customization to fit your own journaling needs. Keep your bujo pages clean and tidy. DOWNLOAD the POCKET BUJO TEMPLATE HERE.


InkJournal Pen and Ink Collecting Template

InkJournal Ink Collecting Template

Sized to fit Pocket-sized Tomoe notebooks and other pocket notebooks that measure 3.5" x 5.25". Great for fountain pen and ink collectors who love to sample inks. Record any number of combinations using his format card. This double-sided template comes with any of our Tomoe River Journals, but now you can print copies for your own notebooks. DOWNLOAD THE INK COLLECTING TEMPLATE HERE.


Lined and Dotted Pocket Format Template

Ruled / Dotted Template

Sized to fit Pocket-sized Tomoe notebooks and other pocket notebooks that measure 3.5" x 5.25". Turn your blank, plain page into an organized collection of thoughts and words. One side is ruled for long-from writing or lists, while the other side sports a dot grid for layouts, columns and visual thinking. DOWNLOAD THE RULED / DOTTED TEMPLATE HERE.


Midori TN Regular Size Insert Printable Templates

InkJournal Midori TN Regular Dotted / Lined Template

Fits Midori Traveler's Notebook Regular Size : 4" x 8.25". One side has a ruled / lined format and the other has a 5mm dot grid format. These are great for general, purpose writing and free-form journaling. Let your ideas and thoughts flow without needing to have lines or dots on the page. DOWNLOAD the TN REGULAR DOT/LINED TEMPLATE HERE.


Script / Cursive Writing Practice Template

Fits Midori Traveler's Notebook Regular Size : 4" x 8.25". Take your penmanship to the next level by using this guide to practice letterforms in script. There are two, double-sided templates, one for Uppercase (Capital) letters and one for lowercase letters. Ramp up your handwriting game.



InkJournal A5 Size Pen and Ink Collecting Template

Sized to fit A5 size journals and notebooks, this template slips behind a blank page to help format your writing. 



Hope you enjoy using one of our templates to help organize your notebooks. Don't miss any new templates that we come up with and sign up to our e-mail newsletter list below. Thanks!