About InkJournal

Like the wine connoisseur that can describe a vintage using pen and paper, the pen connoisseur can now also do the same with the InkJournal. Designed by a graphic designer and self-described pen geek, InkJournal was developed to accommodate the needs of the fountain pen user and reflect the characteristics that are often used to compare pen & ink combinations.

(Above: InkJournal designer & certified Pen Geek Tom Oddo with his Dad, Ben at the DC Pen Supershow, 2016)

Any pen enthusiast that loves to explore a variety of inks for their pen will appreciate the simplicity and organization of the InkJournal Collectors' Notebook. Prior to the InkJournal, inks were recorded on the backs of notebooks, on index cards and loose sheets of copier paper. Everyone would have their own method of documenting. With the InkJournal, pen aficionados can now keep their ink reviews all in one convenient notebook and can easily compare samples with fellow collectors.


    Besides recording pen & ink combinations, we encourage all creative uses of ink on paper. Our free, weekly e-mail newsletter called "Flex Nib Friday" is a digest of pen-related news, tips, and inspirational posts that enrich the pen enthusiast. 

    We invite our followers on social media and our newsletter subscribers to take an inky journey with us around the world with the Ink Flight Box. Expand your horizons each month with a new set of ink samples from manufacturers around the world.

    As InkJournal continues to grow in following, one thing remains certain: the focus remains on the needs of writers, artists, and pen enthusiasts.

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail or reach out to us on social media.