Ink Flight #75 Reveal, April 2023

This year, I decided to CANCEL APRIL FOOL'S.

Well, not really. I'll explain.

For the last few April Ink Flights, subscribers had to play a game where they puzzled the identities of each ink color. The labels would show up blank or partially filled-in with letters, and it was up to you to decipher the riddles to know the names of each ink color.

It wasn't easy. In fact, only a few people got them mostly correct.

If the April Fool's Ink Flight was an exam for school, most of the class failed every time.

So, instead of being cheeky again this April Fool's, I decided to stay with the assortment of inks and kindly let you know all of their identities without any games.

Let's check out the variety of inks we gathered for this spring-themed box.

April 2023 Ink Flight Box #75 "Currently Inked" Color Selection

Ferris Wheel Press Central Park Greens
This lush, grassy green is inspired by FWP's trip to New York City in 2022.

Ferris Wheel Press Purple Jade Rabbit
Celebrating the Lunar New Year, this delicate purple ink has a pelt of silver shimmer.

Laban Ares
From the Greek Mythology collection, this cherry red ink shades with a hint of sheen.

Diamine x Cult Pens Taj Mahal
Part of the Wonders of the World collection, this deep blue color draws inspiration from the lapis lazuli stones found in the mosaic art inside the Taj Mahal.

Diamine x Cult Pens Colosseum
This light, sandy-brown color represents the travertine limestone building materials used in the Colosseum.

Colorverse Tang Peyong
This series observes the six kings of Korea's longest imperial dynasty. This color is a shading dusky purple.

Colorverse Dan Hwang
From the Min-Hwa series inspired by Korean folk art, this pale gold ink captures the softness of a lotus flower.

Tasting Notes:

I'll start off the notes by saying, "I'm sorry." Dan Hwang was a bad choice, especially since Colosseum and the Purple Jade Rabbit are also low-saturated inks. The Dan Hwang was like writing with invisible ink that would dry to a light pastel yellow. It's not readable. It might be better used in painting or illustration purposes.

In selecting these colors, I aimed for a light, springtime palette. I also included several newer colors. Cult Pens seems to produce many Diamine ink exclusive colors. Most recently, they started a series inspired by the various wonders of the world. The lone sheening ink of the group, Taj Mahal, stood out for its rich, royal blue hue and vibrant sheen. Colosseum definitely had the right feeling behind the theme. Yet, it was also on the lighter end of the saturation spectrum.

Since 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit (and we featured a rabbit in last month's Flight), the Purple Jade Rabbit was a natural pick from Ferris Wheel Press. It's hard to miss the silver glistening on this light, shading ink. The NYC-inspired "Central Park Greens" had spring vibes that fit perfectly with a spring theme.

Laban Ares is a solid red ink. It has deep shading and a vibrant, fiery hue. I also enjoyed Colorverse Tang Pyeong. It reminded me of a melted grape ice pop. It has a smooth, smoky shading quality with a chalky purple hue. 

Box Extras: J. Herbin Round Glass Dip Pen

This month's box includes a pen you can use for life. The glass tip of the J. Herbin round glass dip pen won't ever rust or wear out over time. In the tradition of 16th-Century Venetian glassblowers, these pens are hand-blown and twisted into a spiral design.

Instead of filling up a fountain pen to test an ink, the glass nib of this dip pen can be quickly cleaned to use with many inks in one sitting. The spiral grooves at the tip hold a decent amount of ink so you won't have to dip after every other word. As you write, rotate the nib to fully utilize the ink stored in the channels. When switching ink colors, have a cup of water nearby to rinse out the nib. Then, wipe it dry before dipping it into a new color.

The tip will have a different feel than a fountain pen and might produce a broader, wetter line than you're used to. It is possible to smooth the tip of the glass pen using some micromesh or extremely fine-grit sandpaper. But, please know that it will also broaden the line.

Share in the blossoming joy of spring with the new Inktopus sticker illustrated by Vanessa Langton. (Instagram: @vanessa_langton)


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