Ink Flight #77 Reveal, June 2023

This month, we adventure into the stars to explore brilliant constellations - brought to you by South Korea's Colorverse Ink. Each color of the Ink Project Volume 5 is named after zodiac constellations.  Volume 6 (Nebulas) has three multi-color pigment pearl glistening hues. You won't need a telescope to see the glorious shading, sheening, and shimmering inks in this month's Flight.

June 2023 Ink Flight Box #77 "Currently Inked" Color Selection

Colorverse α Sgr
(Sagittarius) Depicted as a centaur with a bow and arrow, this constellation resides near the visible Milky Way. The ink color is a pale brownish pink.

Colorverse α Cnc
(Cancer) Represents the giant crab crushed by Hercules in Greek mythology. This ink is a lightly saturated periwinkle blue.

Colorverse α Aquarii
(Aquarius) Represents the "water bearer" and is one of the oldest constellations documented. This ink is a deep, sheening blue.

Colorverse α Vir
(Virgo) Tied to fertility and agriculture, the constellation Virgo is represented here as an ink with a bright bold teal color.

Colorverse Cat's Eye Nebula
This light, pastel green glitters with a multicolored shimmer that appears like a brass patina.

Colorverse Monkeyhead Nebula
This shading blue ink glistens with coppery, violet shimmer. 

Colorverse Iris Nebula
This dusky, greyish-purple ink shines with silvery, multicolored pigment pearl.

Tasting Notes:
While I wish I could include all the constellations of the zodiac in this flight, I was held in check by the 7 ink selection. I also wanted to include the new volume 6 Nebula ink colors with the multi-pigmented pearl shimmer.

This month's selection ranged from the rich and sheen-y to the light and sparkly. At the saturated end of the spectrum, there's the dark blue of Aquarii and the bright aqua teal of Vir. At the lighter end, there's the Sgr, which is a pinkish beige and Cnc, which has a powdery blue hue.

All three glistening inks have a magical sparkle that captures the cosmic twinkle of the heavens above. While Monkeyhead nebula has nice shading, the most amusing name, and a violet sparkle, it was a tad on the drier side compared with the other two glistening inks. Iris Nebula fits somewhere between a cool grey and a dusky purple with an icy shimmer. Cat's Eye Nebula has a look like oxidized brass with it's coppery shine.

Box Extras: Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Pen Stand

You can thank my newly renovated neighborhood Barnes & Noble for the inspiration for this month's Ink Flight extra. During one of my initial store perusals (there have been a few since it opened earlier this year), I noticed a stationery section that offers desk accessories, organizers, and tools for avid readers. One of these items was the Lifestyle Tool Pen Stand from Nakabayashi.

The stand is so wonderfully minimalist and ingeniously designed that I had to share my fascination with all of you.

Declutter your workspace and make a home for your everyday writing tools with the transforming Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Pen Stand.

The pen stand's design closes vertically, keeping all your pens upright and secure. Depending on the pens' diameters, you can store up to 10-15 pens with a maximum length of 155mm. There is also a divider tray for erasers, refills, clips, and other small items.

When the pen stand opens, it uses an embedded magnet to unfold, presenting the pens inside at a convenient, accessible angle.

The stand's kraft paper construction is a canvas for personalization. Draw, write, and decorate with washi masking tape, stamps, and stickers to make your pens feel at home.

This month's sticker is a humorous reminder to be easy on our tines. We commissioned Thales Medeiros (@untaughrod on Instagram) to illustrate the design.


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