Ink Flight #80 Reveal, September 2023

This month, we join Robert Oster for an intoxicating flight of "drinks" inks. Each ink color, except for Blood Moon, has a "spirited" name. Although Robert Oster inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly, we do not recommend trying to drink them. Only nibs are allowed to sip from these vials.


September 2023 Ink Flight Box #80 Color Selection

Robert Oster Whiskey
Inspired by the amber-brown color of barrel-aged whiskey liquor, this ink goes down smooth with warm, toasted notes.

Robert Oster Pink Squirrel
This creamy cocktail drink appears pink thanks to Creme de Noyaux. The ink has a pinkish-purple base with blue undertones.

Robert Oster Blue Martini
Have your pen taste this refreshing deep blue with pale violet undertones and a slight hint of black sheen.

Robert Oster Brandy
This ink has a caramel hue, inspired by the color of brandy aged in oak barrels.

Robert Oster Detox
For the morning after, this blend of deep greens looks like a veggie-laden hangover remedy.

Robert Oster Green Lady Shimmy
This ink is best shaken so you can get the minty shimmer particles throughout the lime green color.

Robert Oster Blood Moon
This ink's deep crimson-red color is inspired by a total lunar eclipse.

Tasting notes:

Robert's inks are always a fun time. I look forward to when a new, themed set of inks gets released. The "spirited" theme behind the Drinks Inks was a tasty flight to sample. Since the "Drinks" collection contained only 6 colors ,we also included Blood Moon to stick with our usual 7 inks per flight.

With fall's official start at the end of September, I enjoyed writing with my orange, gold, and yellow inks. Whiskey and Brandy made two fine options for fall. I was surprised by how much I liked Blood Moon and how blood-like it flowed onto the paper.

One of the stand-outs of this set is Pink Squirrel. Not only because of the name, the color is excellent too. It's a chalky light pink with bluish undertones. Squirrel is unique and fun. 

I've been eating a lot of greens lately, so "Detox" feels like a big, leafy serving of vegetables to cure the hangover. It's a little on the drier side, but it shades nicely. Green Lady is a brighter green with shading and brilliant citrusy-sparkles.

"Blue Martini" gets lost in this group of colors because it has an ordinary feel. Robert Oster is known for some excellent blue inks (Fire & Ice, Soda Pop Blue, Marathon Blue *wink wink*) and Martini just doesn't live up to the excitement of the others.

Box Extras: Jaques Herbin Goose Quill Dip Pen + Girl of All Work "Book Buddies"

Take a step into the past with an old-fashioned goose quill dip pen.

In the Middle Ages, monks and kings wrote on parchment (tanned goat skin) or vellum (stillborn calfskin). The writing instrument they used was a quill from a goose, eagle, swan, duck, or turkey. Ink consisted of mineral pigments mixed with gum (tree sap) and water.

Although, traditionally, the shaft of the quill would act as the writing tip, this goose quill is fitted with an end piece and a metallic nib to make writing easier.

Girl of All Work Book Buddies

These adorable "Book Buddies" writeable adhesive page flags have plenty to say. Each pack includes 105 buddies in various styles. We randomly included 5 different styles in each box. Organize your thoughts and highlight noteworthy sections as you read.

Inktopus Splatling Sticker

Splash the front of your notebook, tumbler, or laptop with the "Agent Ink" sticker, designed by Mary Ngai (@maksndraws). For those who might not get the reference, this character style is inspired by the Nintendo game franchise "Splatoon."


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