Ink Flight #84 Reveal, January 2024

Over 6 years of Ink Flights, we've continued to explore the ever-expanding universe of ink colors known as "Colorverse." In this Korea Special Series, Colorverse highlights the famous festivals, architecture, and history of Korean culture. Plus, there is one color from the Kingdom series, honoring 500 years of Korean history.

2024 starts off with a slightly unusual Ink Flight, which you'll notice has 6 sample vials instead of 7. Scroll on to find out why.

January 2024 Ink Flight Box #84 Color Selection

Colorverse No. 52 Tangerine
Inspired by the vibrant orange color of the famous Jeju tangerine. It's bright and cheery. Perfect way to #killwinterwithorange

Colorverse No. 51 Hahoe Mask
Inspired by ceremonial masks originating from the 12th Century Goreyo Period, this ink is a tan brown with slight expressions of grey and orange.

Colorverse No. 46 Eung Bridge
This multi-chromatic, shading ink expresses the light of the buildings reflected in the Geumgang River from Korea's longest pedestrian bridge.

Colorverse No. 49 King's Road
A bright olive-tone color, this ink captures the landscape seen from the "Samdo" leading to Geunjeongjeon Hall in the capital city center. The ink is lightly saturated with dramatic shading.

Colorverse No. 44 Dokdo
A bright, clear turquoise color this ink is inspired by the freshness of the East Sea, where Dokdo islets are located.

Colorverse No. 43 Kingdom Jeongchuk Haseong
This cold, dark blue-black ink expresses the humiliation faced by the surrender of the 16th king (Injo) of the Cho-Sun Dynasty.

Testing Notes:

Although Colorverse is known for their science and space-themed inks, the company expands its range of ink colors by leaning into its hometown heritage and history. I enjoyed the range of colors and their evocative properties.

My stand-out favorite colors of this Flight are Eung Bridge, Dokdo, Hahoe Mask, and Tangerine. Although King's Road is a mean shader, it's too light for my liking. Jeongchuk Haseong is a nice navy blue (blue-black) type color, but it doesn't have anything else going on like the other colors do. I enjoyed the subtle undertones seen in Hahoe Mask, Eung Bridge, and King's Road. Dokdo is one of the most beautiful water-like colors that I've written with in a while.

January's Box Extras

Sailor Compass Series Dipton Shimmer Mini Ink and Dip Pen Set - Limited Edition

Hey, only 6 samples this month? What gives?

The 7th ink in this month's flight is contained within the Dipton Shimmer Mini Ink and Dip Pen Set. Sailor gets into the shimmer ink game with three new colors: Coral Humming, Ice Dance, and Mellow Forest. Each Ink Flight box will contain one of these three colors randomly selected at the time of shipping.

The 10ml dye-based ink has a shimmer that changes color based on the angle you view it. This ink is not recommended for use with fountain pens and is meant to be used with the included dip pen.

The Hocoro dip pen has a clear, concave barrel with sparkles suspended throughout. The steel dip nib has a fude tip, which can be used to write calligraphy. The pen tip can be stored by pulling it from the barrel, reversing it, and inserting it, tip first, into the barrel.

Try using the Fude nib at different angles to see how you can change the line thickness. Artists also like using Fude nibs to ink drawings because of this versatility. 

Unrelated question: do you think fountain pen manufacturers should offer Fude nibs as an option in addition to Stub nibs?

The "Please Ink Responsibly" stickers were made by "the other Tom" (inside joke between us Toms) at Sugar Turtle Studio (@sugarturtlestudio on Instagram). The sticker "ink color" varies and was randomly added in each box.


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