Ink Flight #85 Reveal, February 2024

To spark the passion for writing, we decided to return to our northerly neighbors for a new selection of Ferris Wheel Press inks. Made in Canada, each ink has a story that serves as its colorful inspiration. This month's Flight is heavy on the shimmer, so be sure to practice proper pen hygiene when changing inks in your pens.

February 2024 Ink Flight Box #85 Color Selection

Ferris Wheel Press "The Ribbiting Pond"
Part of the "Ferritales" Collection, this misty light blue ink has green/pink shimmer.

Ferris Wheel Press "Plaited Gold Tress"
Also a "Ferritales" ink, this light yellow ink has brilliant gold & green shimmer.

Ferris Wheel Press "Bumbling Blossom"
This enchanting rose pink tells a "Ferritales" story of transformation and wonder with its Duochrome pink & chartreuse sparkle.

Ferris Wheel Press "The Sherry Sonata"
Your writing will have a spellbinding effect with this warm, velvety, berry-toned ink.

Ferris Wheel Press "Hearty Harvest"
This hearty amber butterscotch ink captures the embrace of family and cherished memories with radiant rose gold shimmer.

Ferris Wheel Press "Cabernet on the Lake"
This romantic, cozy cabernet red evokes warm feelings of shared laughter and happiness.

Ferris Wheel Press "Aurorealis 2024"
This luminous violet ink with Duochrome pink/gold shimmer represents a world where art and technology harmonize to elevate creativity to a new level.

Tasting Notes:

This is a record for the Ink Flight - 6 of the 7 inks contain shimmer! I know, it might be a lot of shimmer for some of you, too much even. And, as I cautioned on the brochure page included with every box, shimmer inks require more care when using with your fountain pens.

First, let me say that I wish we could have included more non-shimmer colors with a Ferris Wheel Press Ink Flight. However, a high majority of of new inks FWP produces are of the shimmer variety. So, we decided it was more important to be current with our ink selections rather than select older colors that are not shimmer.

Plus, last month we handed our subscribers the perfect tool if they don't want to put shimmer inks into their nice pens. The Sailor dip pen (or any dip nib pen) is an easy way to use these inks without any worry of them clogging your feed or leaving shimmer particles in the clear barrel of your demonstrator, piston-filing fountain pen.

The fussiness of shimmer inks aside, these colors are exciting, bold, colorful, and glamorous. There's nothing like when the light catches the ink at just the right angle. The sparkle is magical and alluring.

I have a couple of pens dedicated to use with shimmer inks, one of which is the Kaweco Sport. Around Valentine's Day, I thought it would be a great idea to put "Cabernet on the Lake" in the Sport fountain pen with a B nib. Usually, when I put shimmer ink in that pen, it might need a little floss between the tines to clear out the excess shimmer particles that get trapped there. I was pleased the Cab went down smooth and didn't require any nib flossing to improve flow.

Promise, March's ink colors will contain much, much less shimmer.

February's Box Extras

Clairefontaine Triomphe A5 Size Notebook

Everyone's favorite letter-writing stationery is now available with the convenient sewn binding of an A5-sized notebook. Premium Triomphe paper serves as the canvas for your intense, passionate writing.

Stitched with sewn binding to lay flat, the Clairefontaine Triomphe A5 notebook has 96 pages of ivory, lined 90gsm paper, ready to withstand the boldest inks.

Softly glide your writing instruments across the silky, acid-free, pH-neutral pages. While the paper is made in France, the notebook is built in Morocco.

Le Calepin Francais Metallic Notebook 10x15cm

Sized conveniently to accompany you on romantic encounters, long walks through the countryside, or at the table of your local cafe. The Le Calepin Francais Metallic notebooks have a glamorous, art deco-style cover.

Each notebook contains 60 dot grid pages bound by black staples. The 70gsm paper is suitable for fountain pens while being made of eco-friendly FSC paper and printed with vegetable inks.

Le Calepin prints and handcrafts each notebook in Paris using techniques passed from generation to generation.

In honor of InCoWriMo, we included a fun "snail mail" sticker from Belle and Union of San Antonio, Texas. These die-cut stickers are made of vinyl and suitable to adorn everything from your snail mail to your travel mug or favorite notebook.


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