Ink Flight #86 Reveal, March 2024

Founded in 1919, Aurora is one of the truest original pen manufacturers. Family-owned for over four generations, Aurora crafts their writing instruments and inks from one factory, based in Turin, Italy. Aurora released a set of fountain pen inks to celebrate their "first 100 years" in business, of which you will find samples of seven colors here. You'll find the names to be straightforward and the colors brilliant.

March 2024 Ink Flight Box #86 Color Selection

Aurora Turquoise
Fresh, bright, and serene, this light blue ink shades with a hint of sheen at the edges.

Aurora Orange
This juicy, shading orange ink has a zesty, vivid hue that's energizing and optimistic.

Aurora Grey
Complex and cool, this smoky gray ink shades well.

Aurora Red
This fiery red ink has depth with a golden sheen.

Aurora Sepia
This earthy brown ink has a velvety look, rich shading, and a black sheen.

Aurora Blue Black
This business-appropriate blue-black has a rich flow with a black sheen.

Aurora Purple
Although I would call it more of a fuchsia color, this ink has undertones of blue with good shading qualities.

Tasting Notes:

March feels like a return to sanity after the shower of shimmer inks in last month's Ferris Wheel Press Ink Flight. Aurora inks were a pleasure - straightforward names, rich hues with depth, no frills or fancy-pants packaging (not that it matters when you get ink samples anyway).

Now that we're officially in the spring season, I filled up with Turquoise, Orange and Purple first. All three shade well with a vibrant, bright look on the page. Purple was a stand-out because it also has a slight blue undertone that almost dual-shades. Cary Yeager (Mr. Fountain Pen Day) highly recommended Sepia, which I also enjoyed.

I just started writing more with Red lately and I love the golden sheen that gives this color a fiery personality. I'll get to use Grey and Blue Black more in April when the typical "showers" start happening.

March's Box Extras

Faber-Castell Grip Fountain Pen with Turquoise Ink Cartridges and Converter

If you thought Aurora is an old company, Faber-Castell is more than twice as old. Founded in 1761 by the cabinet maker Kaspar Faber, the company is currently run by the 8th generation family member Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell.

The "Grip" fountain pen is one of Faber's entry-level, ergonomic designs.

True to its name, the Grip fountain pen has a soft, concave front section. The Grip is pleasant to hold for either left- or right-handed writers. Write for long hours without discomfort, thanks to the pen's lightweight plastic body and comfy grip.

The Faber-Castell grip has a stainless steel nib tipped with iridium and decorated with a dotted pattern and the iconic "jousting knights." The pen is filled by an international-size ink cartridge or converter. 

This Grip includes a package of 6 turquoise ink cartridges. Separate from the pen, we included an international converter to fill using bottled ink or ink samples.

Doesn't it seem like more fun to be an inktopus than a bookworm? Stick this well-read octopus "Ink Fanatic" vinyl sticker anywhere you please - cars, water bottles, and notebook covers. Made by Wildly Enough in Connecticut.


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