Ink Flight #88 Reveal, May 2024

A cat-themed ink collection? You've got to be "kitten" me! Australia's Van Dieman's Ink introduces a playful set of ink colors inspired by felines. Will they be "purr-fect" or a "cat-astrophe?" In May, we got our "paws" on seven colors in this collection to find out for ourselves.

May 2024 Ink Flight Box #88 Color Selection

Van Dieman's Ink "Tomcat"
The sleek, glossy coat of this saturated ink has a forest green base with a reddish-purple sheen.

Van Dieman's Ink "Purr"
This vibrant ink is a deliciously warm-toned pink that is inspired by a cat's contentment.

Van Dieman's Ink "Catnip"
A low saturation, light spring green, almost pastel in hue, that embodies the fresh, vibrant spirit of a cat lazing in the sun and frolicking in the grass.

Van Dieman's Ink "Kitten Paws"
This pink/beige ink is as soft and playful as the tiny paws it's inspired by, and it's sure to add a touch of whimsy to your writing.

Van Dieman's Ink "Russian Blue"
This ink lays down a deep, grey with a hue with blue undertones, reminiscent of the elusive and enigmatic Russian Blue cat.

Van Dieman's Ink "Cheetah Chase"
This ink lays down a deep terracotta hue, reminiscent of the warm, earthy tones of the African plains. The color-changing shimmer captures the spirit of the chase.

Van Dieman's Ink "Emerald Eyes"
This ink is a lush, vibrant green, with a light green shimmer, that creates a jewel-like appearance, much like the mysterious nature of our feline friends.

Tasting Notes: First, let me clarify - I don't keep any cats as pets. I've always been more of a dog person. However, I can warm up to a chill cat while I'm at a friend's house. Cats are cool. What's even cooler is having an entire cat-themed ink collection. There are 16 colors total on the Van Dieman's website. For the purposes of this Ink Flight, we picked seven of the most promising hues to sample.

Van Dieman's nailed the names of every color in this set. Each ink fit perfectly with its theme. Even an ink like "Purr" had me purring every time I wrote with it!

In the 7 colors we selected for May's Ink Flight, there are three softer hues - Catnip, Kitten Paws, and Russian Blue. Each of these inks shades nicely, are easily legible, and have multi-chromatic undertones.

Then, there are two bold, saturated inks in Tomcat and Purr. You can note a presence of sheen in these hues. Last, there are two shimmer inks in Cheetah Chase and Emerald Eyes.

Overall, I'm giving this collection two paws up. These colors are fun, different, and pleasing to look at on the page.

In the future, I hope Van Dieman's makes an ink collection for dogs, too!

Huskie Native Arts Walnut Pen Rest and Ink Sample Vial Holder

Many months ago, long time Ink Flight crew member Derrick Huskie (@slickerydont on Instagram) sent me an early prototype of the pen rest and ink sample vial holder. He fashioned it to hold an entire Ink Flight of samples plus a writing implement (either your fountain pen or a dip pen). If you've seen some of our photos on the website or on Instagram, you would have already seen the pen rest many times already.

So, I reached out to Derrick and asked if it would be possible to order enough of these walnut pen rests to send them to all our Ink Flight subscribers.

From my desk to yours, this beautiful wood holder is a must-have desk accessory for the pen and ink-obsessed.

The beautiful grain patterns and smooth, comforting texture of the wood make this holder the perfect spot to keep this month's samples, along with your pen or dip pen you use to swatch your inks. Each holder includes a set of four "feet" to adhere to the bottom to prevent sliding on your desk.

Feedback on this month's box has been more joyous than usual. For example, Sione A., wrote this note:

"I’ve been subscribed to Ink Flight for a few months now and have been enjoying it immensely, but I must say that you really knocked it out of the park with May’s box. Not only was I incredibly excited to see that Van Dieman’s is this month’s featured ink brand, a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but then I squealed with delight when I held (and smelled) the handmade wooden pen and ink holder. I’m so, so grateful to have such a beautiful piece. Thank you."

Last, but not least, a new Inktopus sticker!

As fountain pen enthusiasts, we can sometimes get a little crazy about our stationery obsession, right?

This month, we're embracing the craziness by including the "Mad Hatter Inktopus" sticker in this month's Flight. Vanessa Langton (@vanessa_langton on Instagram) illustrated this whimsical glow-in-the-dark vinyl sticker design.


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