Ink Flight #89 Reveal, June 2024

Made in Japan, Sailor inks are always a delight to explore. Their beauty, uniqueness, and quality are hard to match. For the 5th anniversary of the Manyo collection, Sailor introduces 5 ink colors inspired by themes of unrequited love as depicted in the Man'yoshu classical poems. These inks translate the beauty of nature from these poems into mesmerizing colors that evoke deep emotions and timeless stories.

June 2024 Ink Flight Box #89 Color Selection

Sailor "Yu" Sunset
A deep brick red that captures the essence of a contemplative evening sky.

Sailor "Tsuyu" Dew
A serene blue-black, reminiscent of a dew-soaked September morning.

Sailor "Ishi" Pebble
A lush green inspired by precious stones in a river.

Sailor "Asagiri" Morning Fog
A soft pink that mirrors the fleeting and mysterious morning fog.  

Sailor "Himeyuri" Star Lily
An orangish-yellow that reflects the hidden beauty of a star lily in bloom.

Sailor Hinoki
Part of the Manyo "dual-shading" overseas exclusive series. A soft blue-gray with shades of purple and green.

Sailor Fuji
A lovely amethyst purple that exhibits violet and blue-violet multi-chromatic shading.

Tasting Notes: Sailor inks never disappoint. So, when I learned about the 5th anniversary Manyo inks, I knew we had to sample them for the Ink Flight. The only problem was that there were only 5 colors in the new collection. Usually, we have the opposite problem. We often have to be selective about the colors we choose. To round out the seven samples, we included a couple of dual-shading overseas exclusive inks from a previous Manyo release that we haven't had a chance to sample in the Ink Flight yet.

The vibrancy and hue of these inks remind me of colors you'd find in a set of colored pencils or crayons. Bold, simple, yet clear and energetic. Yu, Ishi, and Tsuyu have a richness and depth as a medium-toned shading ink. The lighter Asagiri and Himeyuri aren't as saturated but still light up the page with their bright hues.

And, of course the two dual-shading inks have an impressive range of color. Use Hinoki and Fuji with a broader nib size (or stub) and see how the shading pools inside each letter. They're soft, pleasing to the eye, and have an impressive color range.


Global Solutions Inc. Boxed Seal Set, Belle & Union Mini Card & Stickers

Signed, sealed, and delivered - this month's Ink Flight Box will have you sending snail mail in style.

Wax seals have a long history. In ancient times, they were used to authenticate documents. Now, they add personality, flair, and elegance to personal correspondence. Since 1992, Global Solutions has been pouring wax and casting lead-free pewter seals in the USA.

The Boxed Seal Set includes all you need to make a wax seal. First, light the wick wax stick, dripping liquid wax on paper or envelope. Once a pool of wax is on the paper, press the seal into the wax. Wait for a moment and lift the seal. Then, you may decorate the seal with the ink pad.

See below for a step-by-step tutorial:

Made in the USA, the Belle & Union mini card is a perfect way to deliver a small, yet meaningful note to someone special. Write in the blank interior, then seal the coordinating envelope with your new wax seal.

Take your love of snail mail a step further with the parcel-decorating stickers on Belle & Union's sticker sheet. The waterproof, matte vinyl stickers will endure the delivery journey.


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