Pentertainment Podcast Ep. 19 "Roy gives unsolicited diet advice and thinks chalet is a cup."

Hey, everyone has to start from somewhere right? No successful YouTube pen review channel can start off with flawless production value. Roy shares a few failed attempts when he first started the PenBoyRoy YouTube channel. Plus, we read some fan mail and talk about maintaining a journal to improve your health.

This episode was sponsored by Pen Chalet (not shallot). Use the code PENBOYROY when you click on the microphone/podcast link.

[2:30] Remember that time that Roy screwed up recording a podcast? Shares a story about how he attempted to record a doctor talking about the Montegrappa Brain Pen.

[8:00] Do you want a pen with a body part designed on it? No thanks.

[10:20] Roy shares about the time he did an interview with Richard Binder and Linda Kennedy.

[13:00] Roy talks about the Kenro Industries promotional video. Ryan did not want to shave his beard.

[15:30] The last time Roy ate carbs. Tom's mouth waters at the mention of La Madona Pizza and Denino's Pizza

[16:30] 99-cent Pizza slices eaten by crackheads.

[19:30] Roy stocks up on meat to feed his keto diet. Not panic buying.

[21:30] We play an audio e-mail from Alisdair in Australia. He comments on the Fan mail podcast episode.

[30:45] The Pen Chalet / Shallot / Chalice  discussion. The pen retailer posted a joke that they were changing their name to Pen Shallot because that's how it's really supposed to be pronounced.

[34:25] Tom: "Our content has no class."

[35:20] We adventure into the X-Rated section of the video store. Roy shares his story about working at West Coast Video as a pubescent 16-year-old.

[40:25] E-mail from Joshua regarding the killing of the "Fountain Pen Virus"

[46:00] Why all the toilet paper hoarding???

[48:00] Societal contagions, artificial scarcity, and limited edition pens.

[49:20] Has the stay-at-home changed your appreciation for pens? Have your writing habits changed? E-mail

[53:10] Roy and Tom discuss working out and intermittent fasting. Tom mentions the COVID-20 weight gain.

[1:06:00] When you're home, stressed out, and surrounded by food, you need to hit the journal, keep track of your habits, and make small changes for the better.