Promptober 2021 - Writing Prompt Challenge

If you are a creative ink slinger, chances are you've heard (or possibly participated in) the annual Inktober challenge. Started by illustrator Jake Parker in 2009 to develop positive daily drawing habits, Inktober inspires artists around the world to practice drawing in ink. Well, what about ink enthusiasts who prefer to write?

Enter Promptober, a variation of Inktober that offers daily writing prompts. Instead of a vague 1-word prompt, Promptober's inky prompts invite you to write by answering thought-provoking questions. Respond with a sentence, a paragraph, or pages of writing - it's totally up to you.

Each morning in October, @inkjournal will post a writing prompt on social media. There will be no master list of prompts, so be sure to check each day for the new prompt.

Once you've completed your written response, share your post on social media by tagging @inkjournal on instagram, twitter, facebook, or tiktok and use the hashtag #promptober to connect with other writers participating in the challenge.

If you're a fan of using fountain pen ink samples and would like to "ink-rease" the difficulty of the challenge, use a different fountain pen ink each day to write your responses.

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