Flex Nib Friday Sticker

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#FlexNibFriday has become a weekly event for many fountain pen lovers on social media. Sharing a photo of your handwriting using a flexible nib and "getting your flex on" is quite customary for those who share their "penthusiasm" online. 

A "Flex Nib," for laypeople out there, is a fountain pen nib that has the capability to spread its tines and lay down ink on paper with a variable stroke width. They are commonly used to create dramatic emphasis when writing cursive or calligraphy.

This bit of pen "flair" is perfect to put on the front of your notebook, on a mug, car, pen case or anywhere else a sticker can go. 


  • 3" Round Sticker
  • Made of Thick Vinyl with UV Laminate.
  • Dishwasher Safe