Tom's Studio Pocket Fountain Pen

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Meet the muse wherever, whenever with the portability of the Tom's Studio Pocket fountain pen. This little pen packs quite a punch despite its diminutive size. Measuring 99mm when capped and a whopping 163mm it feels like a full-size pen perfect for all hand sizes. This is a zero-compromise pocket pen that fits your writing preferences, offering a variety of nib sizes to best suit your handwriting.

The octagonal-faceted anodized aluminum cap acts as a roll stop, preventing your new beloved creative tool from rolling away and taking a flying leap off the work table. Pulling the pen body free from the cap, you'll find a long grip section with concentric rings that provide a pleasing, secure hold. 

Although this pocket fountain pen only uses international ink cartridges, Tom's Studio encourages you to syringe fill your cartridge using the included spring-loaded filling device with the pen. 

Here are the details on the Tom's Studio Pocket Fountain Pen:

  • Pen Material: Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Nib: Stainless steel, available in several tip style options
  • Filling Mechanism: Refillable ink cartridge - includes a spring-loaded syringe filling mechanism to put into your ink cartridge. One ink black cartridge is included to start.
  • Pen Length Closed (Cap on): 3.89 inches / 99mm
  • Pen Length with the Cap Posted on the Back: 6.42 in. / 163mm 
  • Pen Grip Diameter: 0.36 in. - 0.44 in. / 9.2mm - 11.2mm
  • Pen Weight: 0.88 ounce / 25g
  • Environmentally conscious paper packaging with instructions plus QR code for video instructions on refilling and maintenance