The Reviews Are In - InkJournal Rocks!

Yes, the InkJournal may only be a week old, but we've started to gain some traction already. We've had two solid reviews from fine writing and office supply bloggers this week.

First, there is Pocket Blonde's review that was posted on Thursday. She had to say this :

one of the best ideas I've seen for fountain pen lovers...I've kept track of my pen/ink combinations in a small notebook which eventually I misplaced.  This is more detailed than I used before, and I like Tom's idea of giving fountain pen lovers their own specialized journal.

This morning, we had another treat : Office Supply Geek also gave the InkJournal a positive review, stating :

 I think  the InkJournal is a great and long overdue idea, and I’m thrilled that it came from someone that is such a good friend of the blog.  I’ll definitely be using these for some of my ink reviews going forward.