Book One Down!

 My first InkJournal is finally completed! I know what you're thinking - the creator of this notebook took months to fill one InkJournal? Isn't he more of a fountain pen fanatic and has dozens of pens inked all at the same time? No, my modest collection may only span about a dozen fountain pens, of which only 3 to 4 are inked at a time. One of the features I seek in a quality fountain is a high-ink capacity that can usually last me about a month before I have to refill or change inks. It makes for a slow turnaround time to experience new ink and pen combinations.

Here are the scans of the INKdex :

This book represents all of my everyday use pens that I like to put into action writing notes at the office, journaling, brainstorming and sketching ad designs. One of my favorite combinations was the Monteverde Prima Stub with Visconti Turquoise. Visconti's Turquoise has such a beautiful blue color and a high degree of shading. When paired with a broad or stub nib, you can really appreciate that variation in the dark/light tones of the shading. My least favorite is a new hue from Diamine. Sargasso Sea was used in both my Noodler's Ahab Flex and the Edison Herald. The dark blue is beautiful and saturated, but it got stuck in both pens. I was especially surprised that my Edison had seized and refused to start up, despite having a 3/4 full converter. 

My selection was predominantly blue because A. I love blue, especially turquoise inks and, B. It was the summer and my mindset was in a tropical island. Since we've officially hit autumn, I wanted to go with some fall shades. Hence, the Apache Sunset and Kiowa Pecan (thanks to Karen J for her knowledgeable suggestions). Now that the weather is getting chillier, pumpkins are abundant and apples are ready for picking, book two will be exploring more earth tones and colors that can be found when the leaves start to fall.