Combo of the Week #1 : Pelikan M200 Italic Nib with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun

Alt-Goldgrun was a color I had always read rave reviews about, but hadn't tried it until recently. I'm not much of a green person - I mostly tend toward writing in blues and turquoises. However, this ink knocked my socks off from the first dip.



Alt-Goldgrun is from the German ink manufacturer Rohrer & Klingner. The hue is a golden yellow-green that has wicked shading. The ink pools in parts of the letterforms and creates a beautiful contrast in color saturation. 

A big, juicy nib that lays down a wet flow of ink is perfect for this ink. It allows for that pooling of color that creates such dramatic shading. That's why I rate this combination as a "LOVE IT" and would certainly go back to this combination in the future, or seek out another stub, music or flex nib to use this ink with.

The Pelikan "Italic" stub nib lays down a great deal of ink smoothly and without hesitation. The larger ink capacity of the M200 is much needed to be able to supply a higher demand for ink.