Welcome the New ...Dots... Edition

Man, it has been a while, but one of the reasons it took me so long to really update this site is that I've been working on this amazing illustration that adorns the new InkJournal "Dots" Dot Grid Notebook. Made in the pointillism style, the illustration of the hand holding the fountain pen freshly dipped out of an ink bottle took some 10+ hours to fully render. It was done with a combination of the Pigma Micron 02 & a 005 needle point ink pen and patience...a  lot of patience. When I first started the illustration, my hand immediately groaned and I lamented, "What did I get myself into?" However, as the resulting image came together and was subsequently printed on these notebooks, it was all worth it in the end.


The new Dot Grid design is your general purpose, idea-catching notebook that gives you flexibility to either jot notes, lists or create wire frame designs. Any worthwhile creation always starts off as an idea scratched out on notepaper, and the InkJournal Dots aims to be that medium for the creative inception. It's that moment where the intangible thought translates into lines on paper that this notebook lives for.  The moment when an ethereal thought manifests into the physical world.

Also, henceforth, the original InkJournal that has specially designed pages to record pen & ink combinations has now been renamed to the InkJournal Classic Collectors' Notebook, which will hopefully prevent any confusion between the original InkJournal and the new Dots Edition.