Ink Flight #6 Reveal

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Papier Plume ink flight on tomoe river paper

In honor of Independence Day on July 4th, we came back to America to visit a true stationery store (they are a rare breed these days) in the heart of New Orleans. Papier Plume is a shop committed to the elegant expression of the handwritten word. Their inks are hand-poured in the French Quarter.

For this flight, your captain selected 4 of their everyday, standard line colors and 3 colors that are part of their New Orleans series, which is inspired by aspects of New Orleans culture. They are "Sazerac," "Mardi Gras Indians Purple," and "Red Beans & Rice."

The kind, supportive folks at Papier Plume had suggested to include Red Beans and Rice in your Ink Flights as a little extra special item since the ink was not officially released until the Miami pen show. Special thanks go out to Renso for making this happen!

Here is a rundown of all the colors in June's Ink Flight #6:

Forest Green

This saturated green has a lovely, rich tone with smoky shading and a hint of sheen. I was using it in a Pilot Parallel pen, so it was laying down quite a bit of ink on the page. I'm wondering if the sheen was apparent when using a typical medium or fine nib as well.


This bright, vibrant turquoise blue will have you thinking of a Mardis Gras Peacock costume. 


This lightly saturated periwinkle blue is a lovely soft color with a smooth shading effect. 


Don't forget this sweet, tan brown treat when sampling the flavors of New Orleans. Mellow color with some decent shading.


No, this ink doesn't contain any absinthe, but this drink-inspired ink may get your pen a little tipsy! This lightly saturated orange-yellow does straddle the line of being a little too undersaturated to be distinguishable on paper, but it dries a shade or two darker to make it work.

Mardi Gras Indians Purple

This dark purple draws its inspiration from the Carnival revelers that parade on Super Sunday. The rich saturation dries quicker than one would expect.

Red Beans & Rice

A traditional dish served on Mondays in New Orleans, this pinkish brown ink has a nice shading quality and is as unique as its name.

currently inked papier plume ink flight on leuctturm paper

Currently Inked on a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal


Here are my personal favorites from this flight:

Red Beans & Rice, Mardi Gras Indians Purple, Caramel, Forget-Me-Not-Blue

And the not-so-favorites:

Sazerac, Peacock


Box Extras - Rhodia ColoR Pad & Holder

With so many of us being on-the-go during the Summer, we thought it would be nice to have a writing companion that makes it a little easier to write on your travels.

Rhodia Pad Holder with Dip Pen

Rhodia is one of the top-tier brands in paper quality for fountain pens. Their ColoR Premium pads contain some of the smoothest and most fountain pen friendly paper you will come across. Also included is a No. 12 pad with a turquoise "soft touch" cover that has a pleasant touch. The pad is filled with super smooth 90gsm ivory lined sheets that are micro-perforated at the top for easy page removal. The front cover folds back nicely to get out of the way while the rear part of the pad has a sturdy backing board that fits inside the Rhodia pad holder.

While the pen loop doesn't accommodate a fountain pen of typical thickness, it does fit nicely with the dip pen included in Ink Flight Box #5.

GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about July's Ink Flight, Papier Plume inks, and/or writing in the Rhodia ColoR pad.  We will pick one random commenter to win an August Ink Flight Box on Tuesday, July 25th at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.