Ink Flight #79 Reveal, August 2023

In this month's Ink Flight, we introduce you to a relatively new ink manufacturer from the Czech Republic we are sampling for the first time.

Dušan and Eva Prachař mix, fill, and label each bottle of Inkebara fountain pen inks by hand from the small village of Číměř in the Czech Republic. Dušan began experimenting with ink "alchemy" about ten years ago to compensate for the lack of fountain pen inks available in the Czech market. Since naming their inks Inkebara in 2018, over 50 Inkebara ink colors are now available worldwide. We asked Dušan to pick the best colors for you to sample in this month's Flight.

August 2023 Ink Flight Box #79 Color Selection

Inkebara #235 Pastel Violet
This undersaturated, multi-chromatic pink ink shades with pale blue undertones

Inkebara #241 Alice Red
This red has a medium-light saturation with medium shading and dark edging.

Inkebara #233 Giant Blue
Give your writing depth with the shading quality of this medium-toned blue ink.

Inkebara #514 Brown Pink
This warm, light brown ink shades nicely with blue-gray edging.

Inkebara #13 Granite Green
This deep, rich green is saturated with some black sheen.

Inkebara #610 Deer Brown
This shading, sandy brown ink attempts to capture the color of deer fur.

Inkebara #330 Petrol Dark
This saturated teal ink shades with a rich purple sheen.

Tasting notes:
Aside from Pastel Violet being too light for me to read on the page, I think this selection of inks from Inkebara is excellent. These colors have depth that make them fun to use and appreciate on the page. I've been fond of using both Brown Pink and Deer Brown in my upcoming planning for the fall season. 

Box Extras: Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Fountain Pen

Because Ferris Wheel Press is always so artful in describing their stationery products and inks, here's how they present the Carousel fountain pen.

"The Carousel is a joyous writing instrument that combines tactility and nostalgia in a lightweight body to create a charming experience with every single detail. The custom-ground steel nib is playful and agile, producing beautifully nuanced lines with subtle flexibility. Available in both fine and medium weights, this nib is stamped with a galloping horse that dances to your every word."

"Every Carousel fountain pen comes equipped with its own ink converter, ready to be filled and refilled all over again with your favorite inks."

In this box, we shipped the FWP Carousel fountain pen in an assortment of colors in medium point size.

Compoco "Mission Space Animals" Washi Tape

Ferris Wheel Press isn't the only stationery maker that enjoys whimsical illustrations of animals in space. Also included in this month's box is a set of three washi tape rolls from Compoco. The tapes measure 1.5mm x 5 meters / 0.6" x 197" per roll. Use them to decorate your journal, stationery, and snail mail.

Also included is a new, artistic Inktopus vinyl sticker with a rainbow holographic finish. This bit of pen "flair" is perfect to put on the front of your notebook, on a mug, car, pen case, or anywhere else a sticker can go.

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