InkTober 2016 Writing and Drawing Prompts

The InkTober Initiative is the brainchild of artist / illustrator Jake Parker. The idea is to draw & ink a picture and post it on social media every day during the month of October. 31 days, 31 inked drawings.

Like you, I'm more of a writer, but I do have an artistic ability as well. So, to open this up to more folks to encourage the daily outlet of creativity and artistic expression, we're hosting the InkJournal version of InkTober. 

Here's the deal: Every day during the month of October, let's put ink on paper, be creative and share it with the world using the #inktober and #inktober2016. Our version of InkTober can be written word, calligraphy, sketches w/ words or any combination of those. To help get the creative juices flowing each day, here's a list of prompts that we'll be following throughout the month.

Hope you all have fun and stick with it. Please make sure to share your work with the #inktober hashtag and mention us @inkjournal if you would like for us to share your work with our followers.