Inktober 2017 Writing and Drawing Prompts

The InkTober Initiative is the brainchild of artist / illustrator Jake Parker. The idea is to draw & ink a picture and post it on social media every day during the month of October. 31 days, 31 inked drawings.

Writers still use ink, albeit in a different way than a visual artist. So, starting last year, we at InkJournal came up with a new list of prompts that can be used for both writing and drawing during Inktober. The idea is to open this up to more folks to encourage the daily outlet of creativity and artistic expression.

Here's the deal: Every day during the month of October, let's put ink on paper, be creative and share it with the world using the #inktober and #inktober2017. Our version of InkTober can be written word, calligraphysketches w/ words or any combination of those. To help get the creative juices flowing each day, here's a list of prompts that we'll be following throughout the month.

inkjournal inktober drawing and writing prompt list

Feel free to write these down in a page of your journal and start from there. Day one: write, draw, sketch or letter your entry in response to the first prompt and head on down the list each day. To hold yourself accountable, share each post on social media. Sharing something positive like this creative exercise will also create a ripple effect that will get more folks into challenging their creative side.

For all of your fountain pen lovers out there, extra bonus points if you can change the color of your ink every day of the month to a new color.

So, what do you think will be the most fun prompt to write or draw? Which might be the most difficult? Feel free to comment below.