Must-Have Tools for InkTober 2016

Here's a quick-hitting list of items that I am using to create daily posts for InkTober, including links to where you can buy each item. If you are looking for inspiration to tackle the blank page, check out our InkTober 2016 writing prompts.

noodlers black ink

Waterproof Ink
To create line art that won't be disturbed by a color wash, call in the bulletproof black. Many also like Platinum Carbon Black as a good alternative for sketching.

uniball kuru toga

Pencil for Underdrawings
The Uniball Kuru Toga is my favorite mechanical pencil because the lead always stays fresh and sharp due to the revolutionary mechanism that rotates the lead around during use. If you plan on lettering or doing a simple illustration or laying out your lettering, it pays to plan out in a very light pencil drawing.

flex nib friday with a waterman stalwart nib

Flex Nib
Well, I would be remiss not to include a flex nib, being that I write the newsletter called "Flex Nib Friday." Go for a Noodler's Ahab, Konrad Flex, a Pilot/Namiki Falcon or, ideally, a vintage flex nib pen. The line variation will go a long way in making your handwriting and illustrations carry more visual weight on the page. The particular flex nib pens I'm using are : a modified Jinhao 169 with a Zebra G-Nib attached, along with a (discontinued) OMAS Ogiva Cocktail extra-flessibile nib and a (vintage) Waterman 352 Stalwart.

stub nib - great minds ink alike

Stub Nib
A wet, fat stub nib is just what you need to quickly throw ink on a page. Fill in large areas stroke-by-stroke with a 1.5-1.9mm stub nib. This one above is a Lamy Safari with the 1.9mm steel Joy nib installed.

goulet ink drop

A variety of ink colors
My guess is that you have a number of fountain pen ink bottles at your disposal. In case you don't, I'd suggest picking up some ink samples from GouletAnderson or Vanness pens so that you have a wider color palette to experiment with.

sakura pigma micron pens
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen
To get exceptionally fine detail with your drawings, nothing beats inking with the fine line of the Sakura Pigma Micron. They dry quick and are archival quality.

pentel aquabrush

A Good Brush or Brush Pen
Add a quick wash with the help of a small, round paintbrush with watered-down ink or use one of these Pentel Aquash water brushes.