Pentertainment Podcast Ep. 17 "Cursing Crappy Customer Service"

This week on the podcast, Roy gets a harrowing tale of abysmal customer service off his buff, hairless chest.

This week's Pentertainment Podcast is sponsored by the "experienced" folks of Fountain Pen Hospital. Roy likes hanging out in their backroom for reasons all too obvious. Roy also plugs the March Ink Flight Box for those newly infected with the fountain pen virus.

[3:00] Episode Intro

Roy shares his tale about purchasing a used Playstation at a Gamestop. His broken PS4 may or may not have been jammed up with cat hair. His interaction with Mariza in the Queens Gamestop leaves him with a bad taste and an allegedly clean used Playstation that coughs up dust bunnies. Mariza would have been a Gamestop district manager had she been any better at handling customer service.

[10:50] Imagine if terrible customer service existed in the fountain pen industry. Would people cling to the hobby if that were the case?

[11:00] Tom gets to talk an entire sentence for the first time in the episode.

[12:50] Tom qualifies Roy's statement that customer service is great in the pen industry because he doesn't just buy pens from Tom, his buddy. He buys from Fountain Pen Hospital and Goulet Pens.

[13:45] Alexa joins the conversation and manages at getting a word in against PenBoyRoy. 

[14:40] Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Fountain Pen (special edition, discontinued)

[16:30] Pineider La Grande Bellezza Fountain Pen 

[17:30] "Frequent habituator" - Tom making up his own words. 

[20:00] Drew Brown of Goulet Pens can cheer up a grumpy PenBoyRoy. Then, sell him a Visconti Medici.

[22:00] Disregarding a gentle reminder that Fountain Pen Hospital is this week's sponsor, Roy decides to make fun of how ancient... I mean, experienced they are.

[23:45] Jimmy from FPH is apparently cool as a cucumber in a dilly of a pickle - meaning he's unnaturally calm in a crisis.

[29:00] Roy challenges the Walmart shlub ("Mr. Shit-don't-stink-dude-with-slick-backed-hair") at the National Stationery Show.

[34:00] One of the trickier aspects of providing customer service on a fountain pen is figuring out if it is defective or not.

[36:15] Scritch. Scritch. Scritch. Scritchiness.

[38:00] Roy talks about his visit to the Avengers facility for fountain pens - Goulet Pens. Watch his "Write Now" video here.

[40:00] The obligatory Amazon Basics Fountain Pen discussion. Roy also says the word "taint" and no one giggled.

[43:45] "You sent me a rollerball pen that has no ink and can't write."

[45:00] Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Quick Tip video - get a cartridge unstuck.

[47:45] When you shop for fountain pens, what resources do you seek for advice on a particular product? Email us at

[48:45] Tom shares his McDonalds' customer service story.

[52:00] Roy drops a knowledge bomb about McDonalds, crackheads and homeless squatters.

[55:45] "Excuse me, how many times has this touchscreen been cleaned? I'm pretty sure the guy over there has the Coronavirus."

[56:15] Lisa's @sk8rcruz e-mail about her experience purchasing Leonardo pens last Fountain Pen Day.

[59:45] We need the downloads, son!

[1:00:30] Salvatore Matrone of Leonardo Officina Italiana affected by the Coronavirus. Hopefully, things will be back up and running soon.