Pentertainment Podcast Ep. 18 "What to do with your pens, (not penis) during social distancing"

In this episode, Roy and Tom tackle what to do with your pens while social distancing. As usual, this episode is not suitable for minors and contains lots of crude humor. And cussing. Lots of cussing.

[00:30] Tom talks about working from home.

[02:30] Fountain Pen Hospital closing its doors in New York City.

[03:45] For an online company that is still shipping, what kind of difficulties are encountered to continue operation?

[05:20] How is the fountain pen hobby doing? Are people still purchasing fountain pens?

[06:40] Are people hoarding Lamy LT52 ink bottles for the roll of blotter paper?

[09:15] How has the pandemic affected incoming stock?

[15:17] Pens that look like a wishbone vibrator. PenAgain.

[17:20] How to keep yourself occupied with fountain pens.

[20:00] Roy is lethal with a splat roller from Splatoons 2.

[21:00] Writing challenges - #30inks30days

[23:00] Roy is browsing on his Facebook feed and finds out about a UFC fight being canceled.

[24:00] Writing prompts - Complete The Story from Piccadilly  

[24:45] Inky Prompts - free daily writing prompts (formerly named Prompt Now). Sign up here

[27:10] Roy shares his writing prompt idea.

[31:50] Journal your way into the history books. Or, you could write your own porno script.

[34:00] The Charmin booty is a thing of beauty.

[34:40] Kid-friendly writing activities with fountain pens.

[36:45] National Days of the Year Calendar

[39:55] Goldspot Top 5 Pen Videos

[41:30] Roy talks about the term "Fountain Pen Virus" and why he is putting a moratorium on using it in his videos and posts. Should he go back in and delete all these videos and posts that mention the term "Fountain Pen Virus?"

[46:45] What are you guys up to with your fountain pens?

[48:45] What could a couple (romantic or platonic) do with their pens?

[54:40] Building a fictional story through multiple authors.

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