Pentertainment Podcast Ep. 21 "Mail Bag"

In this week's episode, we respond to e-mails sent to the address. The question posed in episode 20 was, Has the pandemic affected your pen-buying habits? 

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[03:15] Tom talks about his new, bad-ass dog, Arya.

[07:30] Junk mail in the spam folder.

[08:30] PenBoyRoy shares some news about upcoming reviews like the Montegrappa Elmo "unpronounceable" Chrysocolla Green.

[09:00] We discuss the scene in Inglorious Bastards where Brad Pitt's character does a lousy job of pretending he speaks Italian. Here is the link to that scene clip for reference.

[12:00] Tom wants to break Roy's Pineider Avatar UR in Green.

[15:15] Roy will review the Esterbrook Camden Composition fountain pen in green.

[19:20] Monteverde Innova Anniversary Fountain Pen with ink, which we confirmed is relabled Monteverde's Midnight Black (thanks, Nathan!)

[23:30] Using the stimulus check toward pen spending spree.

[29:30] "Thank you" hour for the first responders. Flying US Navy planes over NYC.

[36:40] E-mail #1

Hi Roy,
The pandemic has affected my pen buying habits, mostly financially. I can't spend money on the pens and equipment I planned to get. Instead, I've been researching pen tuning techniques, playing around with the pens I do have, using up the inks I've collected, and revisiting old, cheaper pens I'd put aside in the past. It's been fun to see what older pens can do with a little love and attention.
L. S.
[42:45] Dennis A.K.A. Caitlinssuperdad on Instagram trolls us with funny Pentertainment Podcast memes.
Hey guys!
First time listener and novice fountain pen user. I just started to get into the fountain pen game end of February with a Lamy Safari M Nib (and some ink samples). I really enjoy the experience I am getting with the use of fountain pens. So smooth! So much ink variety! The shading! I'm still very interested but COVID19 has but the brakes on for pen and ink purchases.
I really enjoyed what you had to say about having 10 pens that you really valued, because otherwise so many would languish in a drawer not being used. I think I feel the same way. I'd rather have less pens that I value highly (but I do want to try lots of inks since this is the beginning of my pen journey).
As far as the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, which I haven't heard since high school econ class, is an interesting way to think about fountain pen habits. Or any hobby for that matter. I think since I am new to the hobby right now every purchase has the same exciting value to me. And I think I'm the kind of person that will always enjoy any hobby that I get started with. In the years to come I'll probably want to upgrade to a higher level pen, but don't see myself becoming a collector of every color of a pen, if that make sense. So I guess to answer your question that law doesn't apply to me. Now if were talking cookies, the first few are going to be delicious but then past that I'm thinking it will start to become a little more unpleasant.
Hope you guys stay safe and healthy!
[50:00] Roy and Tom reminisce about treating their school teachers poorly.
[53:00] Courtney's e-mail
I hadn't heard about this law before, but I think that like PenBoyRoy, I, too, probably succumbed to this pre-COVID. And once the lock-down happened and people's jobs aren't such a sure thing anymore, I can't rationalize chasing the high I would get by acquiring the next cool thing, then the next cool thing, etc. 
I tend to go gung-ho into a hobby...researching the sh*t out of it in videos and blogs...hours and hours of investing into it and buying all the cool things. Usually after about a year, I'll move onto another hobby...still related to, but different (cross stitch >> hand lettering >> watercolor >> urban sketching >> fountain pens) Lately I've learned to calm myself down and not "buy all the things"—instead, I try to dive deeper into a certain hobby—gain more depth vs breadth.
Anyway, thanks for the wonderful podcast and opportunity for the inkflight. Best of wishes to you all in these interesting times that are upon us.
[55:45] Nathan's e-mail, of which Tom does an operatic rendition
Regarding your question in episode 20 about pen burying habits during the pandemic, it has made a difference for me in that I’m taking money I might normally be spending on things that I can’t currently do (like going out to restaurants and breweries) and putting it toward certain pens.
Luckily, my job has not been affected by the pandemic so I still have the same income and can make discretionary purchases. With some of that spending, I want to support the pen community. 
One pen I bought recently was a Lamy 2000, which I’d always looked at but never pulled the trigger. I could have picked it up at a number of places, but I found a nibmeister selling a new 2000 with a custom nib grind already done for a slight premium over current street price. I felt this was a worthy purchase because I was confident I’d get a great writing pen and I’d also be supporting his work to keep doing custom grinds, which is a niche within what is already a niche market. 
Also, when you guys were talking about copper pens and copper’s anti microbial properties, you may not have known that Karas Kustoms and Tactile Turn offer pens made from copper. With Karas you can get some of their fountain pens with an aluminum body but substitute a copper grip section. Tactile Turn doesn’t appear to have fountain pens in copper at the moment but they have bolt action rollerballs in solid copper. I have pens from both companies and they’re very nicely made if you’re in to the machined metal style. 
Keep up the good work with the podcast and your respective pen & ink ventures.
[59:30] Alfonso's e-mail
Hi Gents, 
Love the unscripted podcast. I think the tangents are great and the F bombs do not bother me at all. It makes me feel like I am hanging out and having a good time.
As far as the law of diminishing marginal utility applying to me? I guess it kinda did. I loved getting that shiny new tablet, MP3 player, or toy. I would use it for a while and then start looking for the next version or latest model. 
I had a good long look at my stuff since being home this past month doing my social distancing and realized I was not using or even enjoying some of the things I had accumilated. The luster had worn off. I realized I did not need several versions of the same thing. I'm having a "Yard Sale" in the near future. Going to keep it simple.
However, my fountain pens don't count! I have a few Lamys and Pilot Metropolitans and love them all. Each pen has it's own look and feel. I use my Lamy Logo and Safari for my weekly planner. My Lamy Studio with a broad nib is for my daily journal (I use the Rhodia Webnotebook, it's like butter). The fountain pen forces me to slow down, clear my mind, and think about what I am going to write. It relaxes me. I love it.
Staying inky
Al G.
[1:07:50] Write us in at Topic - What are you doing to keep yourself occupied with your pens while staying at home?