Pentertainment Podcast Ep. 22 "Sterilizing your Pens, the Curious Curidas"

This week, we discuss sterilizing your pens and whether you should take them with you to work in times like these. We also discuss the curious Curidas retractable fountain pen from Platinum.

This episode was sponsored by Pen Chalet (not shallot). Use the code PENBOYROY when you click on the microphone/podcast link to find all sorts of specials and deals.

[02:00] The podcast begins with uproarious applause.

[05:30] Will your pen habits change when you go back to work?

[08:30] Roy will take the TWSBI Go fountain pen to work.

[10:00] Tom will still take his nice pens to work. He's so brave.

[10:45] If you want to take your nice pens to work, how would you clean them?

[11:30] How to disinfect a pen by Pierre Miller from Desiderata Pens

[13:30] Platinum Curidas - not an easy pen to clean, nor an impressive pen.

[13:52] Post by Mountain of Ink regarding the Curidas

[18:00] Platinum Prefounte fountain pens

[25:00] Disassembling a Platinum Curidas fountain pen (Tom's unboxing video)

[29:00] The Curidas is made from PMMA resin, the Prefounte is made of a polycarbonate resin.

[32:00] Let us know your thoughts on the Platinum Curidas. How will you use your pens at work when the quarantine ends? E-mail us at