Kokuyo Perpanep A5 Notebook

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Imported from Japan, the Kokuyo PERPANEP notebook presents the ideal writing experience for the discerning pen enthusiast. 

Kokuyo built the eco-friendly Perpanep notebooks with paper sourced from sustainable forests and a cover made with recycled pulp. The advanced, cheesecloth binding allows the notebook to open completely flat. The overall design aesthetic is beautifully minimal with only a subtle amount of branding.

The TSURU TSURU, ultra-smooth 96gsm writing paper is pressed extremely flat for ultimate smoothness. Pens will glide across the paper so you can write as fast as your thoughts will flow. This paper brings out the richness of inks.

The ZARA ZARA, textured 90gsm paper uses a thick pulp for a textured touch to the writing experience. This paper accentuates the ASMR sound sensation of putting nib to paper.

Kokuyo printed the ruling/grid format in a neutral gray that will help guide the writer, yet remain unobtrusive against the creamy white color paper. 

Each PERPANEP notebook contains 60 sheets / 120 pages. Select your choice of inner paper texture as well as the page format.