Marathon Blue

For this special Ink Flight anniversary, we commissioned Robert Oster to create a fountain pen ink exclusively for our subscribers and dearest supporters.

What color does one pick for the 5th anniversary? Traditionally, the color for a 5th wedding anniversary is turquoise. And, I do love turquoise. So, I asked Robert to brew a light, multi-chromatic blue ink. Because we couldn't just have any ordinary turquoise, right?

By Robert's description, this ink has "dark blue edging, pale aquarian shadows, yellow-green clouds, and clear turquoise backwash." It's light in saturation and shades nicely while being easy to read. Bright, optimistic, and harmonious.

In addition to commemorating 5 years of Ink Flight boxes, this ink also celebrates a personal milestone. It is named "Marathon Blue" after the successful completion of my first marathon race (26.2 miles) 10 years ago.

Back then, I was about 50 pounds overweight, hated running, and couldn't jog to the end of the block without nearly collapsing from exhaustion. Yet, that's exactly what I did. I went until I couldn't go anymore. Got up the next day and did it again, going a little farther and a little faster each time.

Step by step, run after run, I built the endurance to run my first 5k. Then, a half marathon. 18 months after I started, I completed the Atlantic City marathon with the ocean at my side in 4 hours 43 minutes. The seemingly impossible was made possible by small, yet persistent efforts.

Once I was able to get in the greatest shape of my life, I knew that anything was possible. That confidence spread to other areas of my life at work and home. Although I don't train for races anymore, I still run about 7-10 miles a week. The marathon "mindset" still guides me toward achieving other ambitious goals - like growing a monthly subscription box.

Marathon Blue is about taking one meaningful step after another. It's about enjoying the process while reaching for your goals. It's about being in awe of what you never thought you could accomplish coming true. It's about the persistent effort in the face of repeated failure. It's progress, not perfection.

May this ink keep your pen moving, one word at a time, toward your wildest dreams. -TO