Monteverde Fountain Pen Inks and The InkJournal Tomoe River Edition

Welcome aboard inky travelers.

This is your captain speaking. I'd like to provide a little bit more information about this month's Flight, as well as offer you a discount if you would like to grab a full bottle of any colors you sampled this month. 

The InkJournal Tomoe River notebook has been an item that we've wanted to include in an Ink Flight for a long time. The trouble was that we would never have enough stock on hand to be able to put it in a box. Finally, after 10 months, we were able to get enough notebooks made in the Regular, Traveler's Notebook size.

Each notebook is hand-made, from the cutting of the delicate Tomoe River sheets to the hand-stitched binding to the stamping on the cardstock cover. In case you're unfamiliar with Tomoe River paper, it is thin, almost like tracing paper. This paper is amazing for fountain pens. It holds the ink quite well, showing off a vibrancy, saturation, shading, and sheen like no other paper. There's nothing quite like this paper, which is why it is imported from Japan to make these notebooks.

The paper's thinness allows a fair amount of transparency through the page. For some, this means using only one side of the page. We took advantage of this feature by including a template card so you may use it on the back of the page as a guide to writing your ink journal entries. The included card has a side for an individual ink review and the backside allows you to list a series of pen & ink combinations. There, you can list your currently inked lineup of pens or record each pen & ink combination as an index.

You can also download free templates that we created to use your Tomoe journal for handwriting practice or all-purpose writing/journaling. They are PDF files, which can be printed on card stock to be used the same as the Ink Journal template that is included in your book. 

If you still have some of the Organics Studios inks from October's Ink Flight, you can see an unprecedented level of sheen on Tomoe River paper. The Monteverde inks from November's Flight also exhibit some beautiful shading and a touch of sheen on Tomoe. 

Exclusive Ink Flight Member Discount

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