How to Convert a Fountain Pen into an Eyedropper

Here are instructions on how to convert a cartridge / converter fountain pen into an eyedropper filling fountain pen. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial visual aid.

This is particularly useful for when no converter is available or the converter holds a low capacity of ink.

Step 1: Prep the Pen

Sample your current set of inks with the Platinum Preppy pen by converting it into an eyedropper fill pen. Unscrew the barrel from the section and remove the cartridge inside.

Step 2: Roll on the O-Ring

Stretch the O-Ring over the threads of the nib section. Roll it all the way down the threads to the end. Screw the barrel back on to ensure it is all the way down.

Step 3: Lubricate

Take a smidgen of silicone grease with a tooth pick and rub it on the section threads to lightly coat it for an extra secure seal.

Step 4: Load the Ink

Take the empty barrel and use the clear pipette to gently extract the ink from the sample vial and deposit it into the barrel of the Preppy.

Step 5: Finish Up

Screw the barrel back on firmly, careful not to overtighten. It may take a few minutes for the ink to fully saturate the feed. Then, write!