Want to know how the InkJournal rates as a notebook? Want to see it in action? Check out what these online reviews from prominent pen bloggers.

Office Supply Geek (InkJournal Black)

This is kind of like keeping track of the beer or wine that you enjoy, the more granular you get in the details you capture about it, the more likely it is that you will be able to hone in on what makes you really like or dislike a certain ink.  Ultimately this should result in you finding inks that you truly enjoy using as you document your learning experience.

Gourmet Pens (InkJournal Pocket Tomoe Miami)


The InkJournal Miami is adorable. I was totally smitten when it arrived in my mailbox because it's the color scheme I love.


You have the option of full page ink records or currently inked records, or you can mix it up. Drying times, not surprisingly, are pretty long. This is Tomoe River. It feels incredible but it takes awhile to dry, especially if you have a wet writer. For me, this is not an issue. The appearance of inks on this paper and the writing experience is worth it.



Economy Pens


Given my need to be more organized, I think this is an efficient solution to keep track of how different pens (nibs) distribute various inks on the page.

Office Supply Geek (InkJournal Classic Pocket)


In addition to just testing inks, you could also use it for specific pens only to see which ink you like best in your favorite pen, and it will also help me in remembering what ink is currently in my pen since I change so frequently and sometimes forget what’s in there.

Pocket Blonde


There's a lot of of room to show off your pen/ink combinations, with all the necessary information you'll need (date, dry time), while the second page is blank for notes or additional comments. There was some bleed through with this ink, an Everflo I think, but it wasn't too bad and didn't detract from the overall great paper.

Pens Paper Inks.. Whatever - FPN Okami's Blog

Made using 100% recycled paper, I did have some showthrough, a little bleedthrough and some feathering, but only with certain inks and certain nibs. In my opinion, that is the optimal result for testing how inks handle. Each one performs differently.

Notebook Stories

This notebook is for all the fountain pen and ink fanatics out there: the Ink Journal.


What with bottles, cartridges, ink samples, and trades, these InkJournals could fill quickly. Even written samples snipped from correspondence, can be tucked inside the appropriate color booklet for comparison purposes or as a reminder of inks to purchase in future. If these babies don’t make you feel organized, nothing will.