Store Update - Canadian Friendly and More Reviews

Hey All,

Hope your respective summers have been good to you so far. July marks the second full month of summer in my book, and it also marks the second month of InkJournal being in existence. To keep you updated about the updates we've been working on, we've just added Canadian-only shipping options, starting at as low as $4.95 for international USPS mail. For more details on the rates, visit our FAQ page.

More InkJournal samples have been added to our Facebook page. So far, not even I (the proprietor of the InkJournal) have finished an entire book yet, but it's a work in progress.

Speaking of samples and reviews, here is an updated list of the different awesome reviews and mentions we've received over the last month.

Economy Pens - Introducing the InkJournal

Office Supply Geek - Inkjournal for Standardizing and Organizing Ink Samples

Pocket Blonde - The InkJournal

Pens Paper Inks.. Whatever! - InkJournals

FP Geeks - The International InkJournal Giveaway (also mentioned on their Podcast Episode #29)

Make sure to keep your fingers limber and your pens full of ink as we have a really awesome event that we are planning on announcing in the coming days. It will be awesome! Thanks, everyone!