Ink Flight #11 Reveal + Giveaway

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currently inked krishna inks

For December, we teased out that we were going over 8,000 miles from home to get the next batch of inks. We took the flight to Mumbai, India for Krishna Inks. A physician by day, ink-maker by night, Dr. Sreekumar brews each Krishna ink with the heart of a true enthusiast.

Krishna inks can be a little difficult to get, as they are not as widely distributed around the world as most other brands. As of this writing, there aren't any US retailers carrying this brand (to our knowledge). This is why we love running this Ink Flight program. Being able to procure inks that writers want to try, no matter the trouble.

In fact, finding more information about these inks is difficult in itself, as there isn't much to research on the internet. Between using the manufacturer's website, the distributor/retailer in India, and reading user reviews, we were able to make an educated selection of colors. For example, we avoided any of the Kot-Massi line of waterproof inks because they are known to give fountain pens performance issues.

Let's get into each of the colors we chose for this month's Ink Flight:

Sea & Storm

This eggplant purple is richly saturated, delivers a wet flow, and exhibits smoky shading. I had this in a Lamy 1.9mm calligraphy nib and watching the ribbons of purple flow onto the page this month has been pleasurable.


Lightly saturated and on the drier side, Mint doesn't look like it ever dries. White sheen, anyone? This ink stood out in initial testing, as the swatch card would always appear glossy and wet. The color itself doesn't look dense, but the way it behaves on paper is similar to that of a super sheening, ultra-saturated ink.


This bright, bubblegum pink has plenty of personality. I was hoping for more sheen, but it only has a slight gold sheen on Tomoe River Paper. I was weirdly drawn to using this ink in my OMAS Ogiva Flex and actually wrote it dry this month.


Warm, woody brown color. This "tree" has a slight degree of "shading." (pen humor!) I had this ink in a fine nib of a Wing Sung and it didn't do much for me. If anyone used it in a broad, stub or italic, let me know in the comments if you could see more shading or were more impressed by the color than I was.

Monsoon Sky

This rich, flowing, dark teal is well saturated, shades, and provides some sheen. Krishna inks varied in terms of their wetness and flow. Where Mint, Sakthy, and Moonview were on the drier side, Monsoon Sky, Sea & Storm and Ghat Green flowed like the dickens. This was an absolute pleasure to write with using a music nib.


Almost a clone of Organics Studio Nitrogen or Emerson Twilight Blue, Moonview is a super sheener with a super-saturated blue hue that emits a reflective, reddish sheen.

Ghat Green

Lively, medium-toned green ink that holds a nice flow while shading a touch. A solid performer all month long, this green was always a pleasure to use and see on the journal pages.

inkjournal sakthy quote on tomoe river

Personal Favorites

Sakthy, Sea & Storm, Monsoon Sky

And the not-so-favorites:

Mint, Oak

Box Extras - Clairefontaine Triumph Stationery Pad + Envelopes & Pepin 

No one does it quite like the French when it comes to paper quality. This stationery tablet is filled with 50 sheets of ultra-smooth paper designed for fountain pens. The paper is blank, but there is a lined sheet of paper included to guide your writing. After you've completed your notes, letters, and make sure to include all your P.S.’s, you can utilize the four included matching envelopes that are also made by Clairefontaine. The patterned interior of the envelope helps ensure privacy & security.

To opt for a more expressive and creative piece of correspondence, we included a Pepin India premium postcard made using 250 gsm, acid-free, watercolor paper. An intricate line art design inspired by Indian aesthetic motifs is lightly printed on each card to serve as your guide. 

Did you love this month's Ink Flight and want more ink? We've got extra bottles of Krishna waiting for you!

GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about December's Ink Flight, Krishna inks, and/or the Clairefontaine stationery.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming January 2018's Flight Box on Tuesday, December 26th at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.