Ink Flight #13 Reveal + Giveaway

This month, our thirteenth (lucky!) Ink Flight brought us to Germany to sample ink recipes perfected by five generations of ink making.


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Guten tag, pen pals! This month we sampled Rohrer and Klingner Inks, including two new colors from their SketchInk line of water-resistant, fountain pen friendly inks. Considering we put two pigmented inks and one iron gall in the mix of colors, we decided it was a good idea to also include some of R&K's new Reiniger pen cleaning solution to help keep your pens running nice and smooth.

ink flight #13 currently inked - rohrer and klingner

Here is your "currently inked" selection for February 2018:


This ink can be characterized as a blue-black with a hint of green that makes it seem like a teal color. It's wonderful as a subtle ink that could be used in a professional business setting.


A vibrant, bold purple, Cassia flows beautifully with a decent dry time for such a saturated color. 


This wine color's smoky shading quality and velvety complexion are best savored using a medium or broad nib. 

Scabiosa (Iron-Gall)

This dusty lilac color is water resistant and darkens slightly as the ink dries on the page. It shades dramatically from a dark purple-black to a lightly saturated lavender. 


This light olive-green has a lower saturation but plenty of shading.

Sketch Ink "Carmen"

This lightly saturated golden yellow ink is part of Rohrer & Klingner's Sketch Ink collection formulated for artists that write and sketch using fountain pens. The nano-pigmented inks are water resistant, but safe to use in your fountain pens.

Sketch Ink "Marlene"

This medium-toned blue ink is also water resistant, which makes it useful in creating artwork with your fountain pens.

After 12 Ink Flights, I'm glad to say that I've finally got this business of using up the inks in 7 of my pens within the 3-4 week span. The only one that I opted to refill after writing it dry was the Pelikan M200 with a cursive italic nib that was inked with Alt-Goldgrun. Not to say the other inks weren't worth going back to, but it was certainly one of my favorites. 

I didn't get much of a chance to play with the Sketch Inks in an artistic application, but they did hold up well as writing inks. Although being a bit on the drier side, there was decent flow and cleaned out easily after 3 weeks of use.

One color I was most surprised by was Alt-Bordeaux. I did not think I would like that color as much as I did, but the wine hue combined with the smoky shading won me over. Cassia was also impressive with how vibrant it looks on paper.

Additional 50ml ink bottles, plus the Reiniger pen cleaner, are now available for sale in our shop. Click here to shop Rohrer & Klingner Inks.

ink flight #13 box extras platinum preppy and rickshaw bagworks solo pen sleeve

Box Extras: Rickshaw Bagworks Solo Pen Sleeve + Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

The eyedropper-convertible Platinum Preppy makes a second appearance in our Ink Flight, this time we slid one inside of the luxurious, plush interior of a Rickshaw Bagworks Solo Pen Sleeve. In case you were a little shy about using either a pigmented or iron gall ink in one of your fountain pens, you could opt to convert the Preppy into an eyedropper and utilize one of the inks in that manner. By the way, we also offer the Preppy with a conversion kit if you don't have the tools to do this at home.

The Preppy arrived snug as a bug in its Rickshaw Pen sleeve, which is decorated with the graphic of a fountain pen and the words "Writers Gotta Write" written on a banner. We're completely sold out on the pen sleeves, but if you would like one, you can order one on Rickshaw's site directly here.


GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about February 2018's Ink Flight, Rohrer and Klingner inks, the Rickshaw Solo Pen Sleeve, and/or the Platinum Preppy.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming March's 2018's Flight Box on Tuesday, February 27th at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.