Ink Flight #17 Reveal + Giveaway

Buon Giorno, Ink Travelers!

This month's flight brings back fond memories of my trip to Italy after graduating high school. It was my first time in Europe, to the land of my ancestry. We took a bus with failing air conditioning all around the country in the middle of July. We saw Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Pisa, and more. It was an amazing trip. With any luck (and a coin toss into the Trevi fountain), I'll be back again someday.

For now, let's enjoy a taste of Italy with the June Ink Flight, our 17th running, and the first to include two brands in one sampling. Aurora (located in Torino) may only make 3 colors of fountain pen ink, but they are some of the most reliable and authentic fountain pen inks to use, even with sensitive vintage pens. In 2017, the luxury brand Montegrappa (located near Bassano del Grappa), revamped their entire line of fountain pen inks with a selection of 8 colors.

Have an aperitif, take a seat, relax, and enjoy the flight!

inkjournal ink flight 17 box contents aurora montegrappa inktopus magnet brause calligraphy notebook

Here's a rundown of all the ink colors featured in June 2018's Ink Flight.

Aurora Blue

A soft, yet rich blue with purple undertones, Aurora Blue is a go-to for a workplace ink that doesn't require water-resistance. Safe to use with vintage pens.

Aurora Blue-Black

This dark blue-black flows beautifully and exhibits purplish sheen even with finer nib sizes. Aurora introduced this color in 2017 to bring their total catalog of inks up to a whopping three! Well done!

Montegrappa Turquoise

This classy, aqua blue ink has great shading with a calming hue, like the clear waters of the Meditteranean.

Montegrappa Violet

Vibrant like a Venetian Carnivale costume, this violet ink has a wet flow and intense color. Causes bleed-through and show-through on certain papers. 

Montegrappa Fuchsia

Those who are passionate about bold color will enjoy the rich, saturated tone of Fuchsia. May feather on cheaper, more absorbent papers.

Montegrappa Coffee

Savor this ink like a freshly made latte. The medium roast Coffee Brown has a touch of shading, but no caffeine. 

Montegrappa Green

Like the unspoiled green hills of the Italian countryside, Montegrappa's Green has a lush, lively tone.

Captain's Notes:

It's not often that I get the green light to let my vintage pens sample some of the ink that we explore. With Aurora, I feel comfortable with trusting their blue & blue-black in the more sensitive, bladder-filling or vacumatic pens that could potentially be harmed by more caustic inks that we sometimes come across on our adventures.

Some members of our flight crew have mentioned turbulence with the Montegrappa Violet bleeding through tomoe river paper (which is a tough task). My own experience was in using Rhodia paper, but I did note a small degree of bleed-through and a higher degree of show-through than all the other inks in this flight.

Box Extras: Brause Calligraphy Notebook, Inktopus Magnet

This month, we aim to level up your handwriting with a Brause Calligraphy Practice workbook. This A5 size calligraphy practice book has 40 pages of guides to show you the proper letterforms for Copperplate and Italic lettering. Follow stroke-by-stroke instructions and repeat to practice your developing lettering skills. The book also has a set of peel-off decals you can write on to label your journals, books, sandwiches, bins of ink samples, and so on. 

Realizing that some of us may need a little more encouragement, motivation, and hands-on instruction to work through the book and practice, we started sharing live calligraphy demonstrations on the InkJournal YouTube channel. These "workshops" take you through each page of the Brause notebook. We record each one and make it available for replay in case you missed the live broadcast.

Subscribe to our channel here to catch all the workshop live-streams ->

brause calligraphy practice notebook and ink swatches

Enjoy the die-cut inky octopus magnet on your refrigerator, dishwasher, automobile or anywhere else you can safely attach a magnet. The quality of the printing is tough as nails, so feel free to put your Inktopus anywhere you please, even outdoors (like on a Mini Cooper).

inktopus magnet on a mini cooper

GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about June 2018's Ink Flight, Aurora/Montegrappa inks or the box extras.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming July 2018's Flight Box on Tuesday, June 26th at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.


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  • Of course I’m a day late & a dollar sjort!!! My dad said that all the time when he missed out on something. I’ve kust found this site on Instagram thanks to “pinkie mouse” hope I got that right on her name! I’m just learning about different inks, but have always loved them. Watching Sharon Cullen making her beautiful watercolors & ink drawings made me want to really learn it. She does beautiful work, I love her architectural paintings! So I might have missed this one but hoping for a try at the next one! Joining your Ink flight monthly while I can. And WOW your in Kansas City! I live 20 miles from there!! I’ll have to come see your store. Here’s to a bright future for me with you guys!! Thanks! Gail

    Gail Gassen
  • I think the magnet might be my favorite. It should come in stickers, because I’d totally buy those!

    Melanie Wittman
  • Nice range of inks. That calligraphy notebook though … Now that’s what I call a BONUS. How thoughtful!

  • I would love to try the inks featured in this month’s Ink Flight! Great selection of colors and the calligraphy practice book would be put to use right away.
    Love the Inktopus!

    Kelly Wilson
  • If Aurora inks are anything like Delta inks, I would love to try them.


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