Ink Flight #20 Reveal + Giveaway

In May of 2018, J. Herbin introduced 5 new colors in their standard lineup of inks. About a month or so later from there, the yearly "1798 Anniversary" shimmer ink (Cornaline d'Egypte) made its debut. So, for September, we present a refresher on one of the most tried and true ink brands in the world.

The last time we explored the French ink-maker J. Herbin, it was way back on Ink Flight #4. This go round we were treated to a range of colorful hues, from a light, coral pink to dark blue.  

j. herbin 2018 ink flight colors

Here's a rundown of all the ink colors featured in September 2018's Ink Flight.

Bleu Calanque

Named after the steep-walled inlets along the Mediterranean coast, this light aquamarine reflects the tranquility and beauty of the water.

Vert de Gris

A green-grey with a hint of blue, Vert de Gris is a complex, in-between color that looks subdued, yet elegant on paper.

Bleu des Profondeurs

Let your deepest thoughts flow onto the page using this saturated blue with a purple undertone.

Rouge Grenat

Deep and ruby red like a precious Garnet, this ravishing rouge might be a good ink option for teachers to grade papers. ;-)

Corail de Tropiques

This light, coral pink has good shading and enough saturation to provide ample contrast.

Herbin 1798 Anniversary Amethyste de l'Oural (Shimmer)

2017's Herbin anniversary ink, this rich, saturated purple ink shimmers with a silver sparkle. Gently shake the vial to disperse the shimmer particles.

Herbin 1798 Anniversary Cornaline d'Egypte (Shimmer)

2018's Herbin anniversary ink, this golden orange-brown ink has a rich saturation and glittering silver shimmer. Gently shake the vial before filling or sampling.

Captain's Notes:

J. Herbin does not disappoint with this new set of colors. Each color is well behaved, exhibits good flow, and looks great on paper. The shimmer inks are always fun to play with. The colors on them look great on their own, even without the silver particles.

In case you are new to the fountain pen hobby, J. Herbin was the originator of the "shimmer" craze, starting with the first 1670 anniversary ink - Rouge Hematite. It hit a fever pitch with the "Emerald of Chivor," which was a part of the samples for Ink Flight #4. Herbin continues with their yearly shimmer inks, now with silver particles instead of gold.
Full bottles of J. Herbin ink are available to purchase here.

Ink Flight box MTM shotshell box with paintbrush

Box Extras: Ink Flight Sample Organization Solution

If you’ve been collecting ink samples since the first Ink Flight, you would now have received ~140 vials from us. Although they're only tiny vials and not full bottles, that's still a lot of ink to keep track of and organize.

Some of us utilize the shipping boxes we send to organize and store all the samples. Others use test tube racks. Inspired by fellow pen and ink enthusiasts, this month's box extras provide a fun solution to manage your growing ink sample collection.

The MTM Flip-Top Shotshell box is "repurposed" to provide ink enthusiasts with a case that fits up to 25 ink samples in the conventional ink sample vial size. Made in the USA. Ink Flight Box subscribers can use the included "Ammo for Fountain Pens" vinyl sticker to decorate their box of samples.

Ideal for watercolors and fountain pen inks, the Neptune synthetic brush makes it easy to sample inks and apply them to the included ring stickers. The No. 1 Script brush is soft and thirsty for color, making it useful to practice brush calligraphy writing.


GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY (USA shipping addresses only)

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about September 2018's Ink Flight, J. Herbin Inks, or the box extras.  We will pick one random commenter to win an upcoming October 2018's Flight Box on Tuesday, October 2nd at 8:00 pm. My sincere apologies to our international friends, we will only ship this giveaway to USA addresses.


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